...well at least not for This Guy. My stomach dropped when he IMed me this morning. "Sup Sun Ray." I'm thinkin to myself....awwww chit he knows. He's grabbed his copy of Homoskexshul Code of Conduct and he's gonna tell me he has the right to remain homo. This convo turned out much, MUCH better than expected.

Crush: Sup SunRay
SunRay sup my bruva
Crush lol, so u over that gay boy
SunRay: i'm tryin
SunRay: i like him though
SunRay: damn gay dude
Crush: whom could that be...
SunRay: umm....
SunRay: you
SunRay: feel free to not be silent at any time
SunRay: k, thanks
Crush: i'm sorry
Crush: my boss was yacking
Crush: it was me?
Crush: u fuckin w. me
SunRay: no i'm not
SunRay: it is you
Crush: i thought it was Karsh
SunRay: D E A D
Crush: thanks, I am flattered
SunRay: i'm embarrassed
Crush: but u have never seen me... I could be a monster
SunRay: tru dat
Crush: don't be embarassed
SunRay: but i like your spirit
SunRay: your style
SunRay: and if you hanging with homeboy, there's no way you could be a monster
Crush: thanks, I like yours too
Crush: lol, true that
SunRay: aw...thanks
Crush: well, i am very flattered... I had no idea
Crush: lol
Crush: well, i think I come off as crazy on my site, so I was like she can't be talking about me
SunRay: lmaooooooo
SunRay: um...you've read my site, right?
Crush: i am beyond flattered
Crush: u a ballsy girl... i can tell by how u approached that guy on the metro
SunRay: *dead*

Yeah, I'm a ballsy girl for wanting a man I can't have. hmph. Gossip among yourselves.

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A ballsy gurl...alrighty then. And it's only April. WATCH OUT NOW!

posted by ej | 04.08.04 01:33 PM


Internet crushes... So innocent.... * DEAD *

posted by Prime | 04.08.04 02:01 PM


OK, why have I been siinging that old old old New Edition cut "My Secret (Didja Get It Yet?)" ever since you came out with your crush.

Sounds like somebody got jokes...

posted by Prime | 04.08.04 02:05 PM


Hands off! and that goes for the both of you...


Stop blockin!

posted by nOva | 04.08.04 02:46 PM


Whomever this guy is... Gay or Straight.. He sounds really hawt...

I think he's pretty hawt. I heard he looks like Nas, minus the chipmunk cheeks. I wouldn't kick him outta bed.

posted by The Rock | 04.08.04 04:15 PM


but.why.Crush? .......LMAO........sorry love, it just amuses me so....

Cause he presents himself as a decent dude. He's smart without being pretentious and I find that very attractive.

posted by ray | 04.08.04 04:30 PM


ok, it is HIM right....someone needs to tell me something, cause thats what im thinking, i need some confirmation damnit.

posted by ray | 04.08.04 04:36 PM


Just passing through and saying awwwwwww!!!

posted by James | 04.08.04 07:51 PM


Wanting what you can't have. Story of my fucking life!

posted by Lisa | 04.09.04 01:13 AM


No offense to Karsh- but I am SO fuckin DEAD @ Crush thinking it was him. I dunno- Karsh woulda been the LAST person on my mind... NO OFFENSE KARSHY BABY!!! But its just cause I know the both of yall- you know what I mean... Then again, I know Kia well enough to have guessed who it was to begin with... lol

And thats cool you told him. Sexy people do stuff like that.

posted by grayse | 04.09.04 02:31 PM


[Xscape]You're my little secret ... and that's how we should keep it [/Xscape]

So *dead* @ Antonio

posted by Antonio G | 04.09.04 10:14 PM


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