Because I don't want to think about This Guy anymore, I'm on the prowl for a guy of a more, um, UNGAY variety.

I was on my way to work this morning, late of course, which in my world is on time. I'm not sure how long I was in my commute when he stepped on the train, but he sure wasn't hard to miss. He was tall, about 6' 2" or so, medium complexion with broad shoulders. Can we say "YUM"? We played peek-a-boo for a while. He'd look at me then look away when I caught him looking. It was cute. This little game lasted the duration of my commute. He got off at my stop. I followed a few steps behind him to the elevator. I went over to him and said, "You are so sexy. Watching you made my morning." Before he could replay, I gave him my Million Dollar Dimpled Smile and rolled out, just as quickly as I had approached him. His calls of, "Hey, wait up!" went ignored.

Damn that was fun!

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Did you even get his name?

Nope. Touch and go. I don't need his name.

posted by Antonio G | 04.07.04 05:52 PM


sexy teaser, you.

Queen Sexy has to make her presence known.

posted by ej | 04.07.04 07:14 PM



I shole is.

posted by karsh | 04.07.04 07:57 PM


sounds like fun.....hope you didn't look back!!!

Of course not. That would be unsexy of me.

posted by Elle | 04.07.04 08:34 PM


He's prolly GAY!

* DEAD * j/k


Him NOT queer!

posted by Prime | 04.08.04 09:12 AM


Yo I dont care what you say- there ARE a few fine ass mens walkin around DC.. not as many as here in Atlanta though... lol.. but not everyone can be as lucky as me...

OMG I am laughing so hard at Prime... He's probably right- you sho know how to pick em out ;)

Just cause a bruva is fine don't mean he worth a damn. You know betta.

I aint thinking bout that ole Prime Bear anyhow. Ya'll know he a hater. :-P

posted by grayse | 04.08.04 11:26 AM


Grayse is a blind fool if she think those busted shit-slices in Atl look better than the men up here.... oh wait, perhaps the straight ones do...

posted by nOva | 04.08.04 02:44 PM


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