"I got a crush on you
And that's true indeed.
I'm diggin you
You're makin me believe..."

I got a skreekret, I got a skreekret! I can't belive I'm actually speaking to this.

[gump moment]Okay, here goes.....I got a crush on a blogger. I've never met him in person, don't know if I have the balls to tell him, and it prolly doesn't matter cause he plays for the other team. In a nutshell, I have a crush on a gay man. [/gump moment]

He's smart, funny, aware (political and otherwise), proactive...all the things I want in a man. I wonder if he's tall. I think he's kinda fussy and picky, similar to the Rich White Lady That Drinks 40s While Booty Poppin On A Handstand. I like his style and want to know more about him, but can't bring myself to ask. I've found myself thinking about him more than I want to. It's time to tuck this in the box with the other things I'm not likely to obtain.


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umm, WE NEED TO KNOW, who is this gentlemen?

Ray-Ray I can't tell. It's a skreekret. I why don't you blog something dammit? Yeah I saided it. Blog sumpin.

posted by ray | 04.01.04 02:44 PM


girl, I know it's frustrating and there is nothing you can do really... :( We'll talk on AIM... we need to start devising.... ;)

Nope there's nothing I can do about it. That's the sad part.

posted by grayse | 04.01.04 05:05 PM


*does Hellified 5-y-o dance*

I know who it is!

I know who it is!

(and he ain't all that)

HMPH!! @ your hyperlink you meanie!!! For the record, I was booty-poppin' on a handstand with VODKA TONIC!!! I do NOT drank malt liquor! You think I'm some kinda commoner?

You don't know nuffin! Since you were banished from Planet Sexy, you are officially a commoner. Now pick up those empty 40 bottles.

posted by Baby Daddy | 04.01.04 05:18 PM


Uhmm.. may I add the visual of him singing the words to the "Pussy" song wile gyrating, wearing his Tom Cool shades and his Timbs??

How he gonna be up in the club with some shades on? What.A.Mess.

posted by grayse | 04.01.04 05:23 PM



I got a crush
on you
my bayyyybaayyyy....

so let's put a rush
on us
sweet layyyy-dayyyy.......

Gawd, why gotta be emburrissin me and stuff?

posted by Baby Daddy | 04.02.04 03:25 AM


and for the record for you two i-di-ots, they were NOT shades or sunglasses. So kiss my ass and pick up a fashion mag, thankyouverymuch!

You was looking a me-ess. You was lookin a me-ess.

posted by Baby Daddy | 04.02.04 03:27 AM


Sunray's got a crush! I think I know who it is! It's a safe play... it's like you already know you can't have him therefore it makes it easier to like him. You get a hand clap for strategy!

It is fun in a way because I talk to him almost everyday and he has no clue! (at least i think he doesn't)

posted by I-boogie | 04.02.04 12:13 PM


He might have a clue now that I told him--


(see what happens when you play dirty?)

Evil, EVIL. Always throwin shade

posted by Baby Daddy | 04.02.04 07:32 PM


I say we hook dem up on a secret date... and secretly film it to see what happens. LOL

posted by Prime | 04.04.04 08:55 AM


Hi Sunray and thanks for my birthday greeting! You put a smile on my face and it's obvious that someone has put one on yours. Good luck!

posted by Cheryl | 04.04.04 01:30 PM


Ok....whofux is it?????????

posted by Lisa | 04.04.04 05:44 PM


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