Lawd Jeebus somebody puhleeze give me the strength to not smack the ever lovin shit out of Boss Lady's Husband today. I'm not in a place mentally or emotionally to deal with his pushy demanding ass today. It just ain't working. Have any of you ever beat the shit out of a really big white man? If he keeps it up, he'll give me another reason to blog, sho' nuf. I'm bout half a milisecond from straight walkin up out this bitch today. I went from having a not very good day to having his big ass take a hot frothing shit all over what I was trying to make out of this once glorious Tuesday. At this point I'd rather sit at home get welfare and food stamps and drink 40s all day. Word to your mother.

[edit] The Rich White Lady That Drinks 40s While Booty Poppin On A Handstand just dropped by to have a quick lunch and drop off my mix cds. He and I are so in tune; he always knows when I need him. [/edit]

06.April.2004    11:45 AM     Commments: 3

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I'all allow him entrancce into the Sexy Kingdom.
Just this once.

posted by ej | 04.06.04 02:11 PM


Ohhh, so now it's just a kingdom.... Hmmm....

posted by nOva | 04.06.04 03:03 PM


Everyone is getting one of those mix CD's from Nova... Maybe I should have made a donation after all...

posted by The Rock | 04.06.04 04:29 PM


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