EvilAsianX was gracious enough to pay me a visit yesterday. I hadn't seen her since she started her new job and she's doing a lot better now. She's trynna get me hooked up with a job in her department. That company is asking for trouble, straight up.

I really enjoy having a diverse set of friends. It's helped me broaden my view of the world. It's also shown me that there are many issues that transcend all races and aren't exclusive property of black people. Misery sho' loves company.

When she arrives, of course she's ready to be fed. I've grown accustomed to cooking for friends since most of mine can't cook anything but Ramen noodles and hot dogs. I told her we were having sloppy joes and fries. By this time I've finished draining the hamburger and ready to get this started. I grab the tomato paste and chili sauce. She's baffled and asked, "Where's the Manwich?" **GASP** Man. Wich. ?? I explain to her that we don't do Manwich (that nasty shit) in this house and show her how to really throw down on some sloppy joe. Something so simple can actually be artful. I found it interesting that her exposure to differnt cooking styles is very limited. Well, in retrospect, I guess it would be limited if you ate rice for every meal. I always learn something new when I hang with her.

Had a training session with Elmo yesterday. Um....yeah. This dude is getting a little to personal for my liking. While I'd definitely like to hit that at least once, I am making an effort to keep this as a business relationship. Last week I let it go when he inquired about my vibrator and masturbation methods. I'd say that convo took a turn for the bizarre when he wanted to know what color it was. What the fok?

Yesterday he decides he wants to know bout the kids' fathers. Why, oh why? I never mention these cats to anybody. Not a subject I like to discuss and as far as I'm concerned, they're dead. These dudes don't have nothing to do with my training program. An argument could be made ( I suppose) that they can affect my spiritual and emotional health, which can trigger eating, but...eh. I'm not buying that one.

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Umm... I've been known to have frank, open, even (daire I say it...dare dare) risque convos wit some people, but vibrator color?!?! *dead* Can't say that's ever come up....

posted by Monkie | 05.04.04 11:27 AM


Dudes like Elmo are a little too nosey for my liking. If he would have asked me a question like that, I would have said, "It's brown with spikes. Do you want to borrow it to use on yourself?" LOL. I aint got it all.

posted by Timi | 05.04.04 01:01 PM


*Dead* @ brown with spikes. How sick! Me likes.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 05.04.04 01:57 PM


Elmo is beggin to be fucked. Shoot. Don't be branging up my damn vibrator unless you gone displace that mufucka.

It's good to hang with other colors and broaden your horizons and all that shit. Lawd knows the nigras be working my nerves left and right!

posted by Lisa | 05.04.04 02:15 PM


Inquiring about the vibrator color is too much. Your homeboy elmo went home and pleasured himself thinking about you and your [enter color here] vibrator.

He must know you like him to ask those questions because that can be some creeperific shit to inquire of someone.

posted by Dre | 05.04.04 02:56 PM



YUUUMMMM, I haven't had Sloopey Joe in a while. I think that'll be a meal for me soon!

posted by Carla | 05.04.04 03:16 PM


Ooops, I've never had "Sloopey Joe" either. LOL

My typo...ya know what I meant.

posted by Carla | 05.04.04 03:24 PM


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