Today I'm interrupting provocative, articulate posting for another bullshit meme. (If King Sexy would stop exposing me to such junk, I'd stop doing it).

(x) I Have Been Drunk
(x) I Have Smoked Pot
( ) I Have Done Cocaine
( ) I Have Done Other Drugs
( ) I Have Thrown Up In A Bar
(x) I Have Flashed Someone
( ) I Have Posed Nude
(x) I Have Purchased Pornography
(x) I Have Been Caught Masturbating
(x) I Have Pissed On Myself
(x) I Have Kissed A Member Of The Opposite Sex
(x) I Have Kissed A Member Of The Same Sex
(x) I Have Made Out With A Stranger
( ) I Have Gone On A Blind Date
(x) I Have Been In Love
(x) I Have Been Dumped
(x) I Have Had Sex
(x) I Have Had Anal Sex
(x) I Have Had Sex In Public
(x) I Have Had Sex With A Member Of The Same Sex
( ) I Have Had Sex With A Co-Worker
( ) I Have Had Sex At The Office
( ) I Have Had Sex In A Dressing Room
(x) I Have Had Sex At A Friend's House During A Party
( ) I Have Had Sex / Hooked Up With A Friend's Sibling
( ) I Have Gotten Someone Drunk To Have Sex With Them
(x) I Have Had Sex With More Than 1 Person In The Same Week
(x) I Have Had A Threesome (see above)
(x) I Have Received Scars From My Sex Partner
( ) I Have Been Married
( ) I Have Been Divorced
( ) I Have Snuck Out Of My Parent's House
( ) I Have Cut Myself On Purpose
( ) I Have Killed Someone
( ) I Have Purposely Set A Part Of Myself On Fire
( ) I Have Crashed A Friend's/Mom's Car
(x) I Have Shoplifted
(x) I Have Stolen Something From My Job
(x) I Have Been Fired
(x) I Have Been In A Fist Fight
( ) I Have Been Tied Up
(x) I Have Been Arrested (I prefer the term DETAINED)
(x) I Have Ridden In A Taxi
(x) I Have Lied To A Friend
(x) I Have Skipped School
(x) I Have Had A Crush On A Teacher
( ) I Have Celebrated Mardi-Gras In New Orleans
( ) I Have Celebrated New Years In Time Square
( ) I Have Been To Japan
( ) I Have Been To Europe
( ) I Have Been Snowboarding
(x) I Have Eaten Sushi

[edit] Cause it's 4 AM and i don't have shit else to do with my time, i decided to find my Pimp Name. Sweet Chocolate Sun Slither is who i is. Who you be? Found it here[/edit]

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LOL!!!! Memes all make us lazy bloggers. Don't feel bad. We've all been affected.

(you freak-nasty pornstar, you)

posted by nOva | 05.01.04 12:51 PM


OMG... I'ma do dis one... it'll be the one to bust my meme cherry lol... too funny

posted by Monkie | 05.01.04 03:56 PM


We in da freaknasty crew togeather!! YAY!!

posted by Prime | 05.01.04 04:58 PM


(x) I Have Had A Crush On A Teacher

My CP English teacher was so dang on fine. He was half polynesian and half black. I'm drooling just thinking of him. LOL

My pimp name is Golden Brown T. Shmoove.

posted by Timi | 05.03.04 06:09 PM


Yeaaaaaaaaaaah Timi pimp dawg! That's how we do it. True pimps stick togeva.

I used to have a crush on my health teacher in 12th grade. Mr. Pinkney sho' was a FineSexyBastid.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 05.03.04 09:04 PM


I almost copied your meme but I got scared. Some of the questions are too personal for mysterious me. But I did take your Pimp Name link and posted my Pimp name on my Too funny.

posted by Cheryl | 05.03.04 09:46 PM


you are a freak...i will be posting this meme at my site soon, a very good one.

the sweet chocolate sun slither fits you to a t!

posted by Reverend Doctor Lashundra Shizzle | 05.05.04 11:29 AM


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