Area code 404. That's the first thing I saw when my phone rang late this afternoon at work. I answer in my cute at work voice and the young man on the other end of the phone asks for me. Not sure of who this perosn was, or how much money he wanted me to pay on some past due account, I told him I wasn't there and asked if he'd like to leave a message. He says, "Yes, this is Mau--" I says, "Haaaaaaay Karsh! How you be? You know I thought you was a bill collector, right?" I really need to get these accounts up to date so I can stop ducking and dodging people. Pretty soon won't nobody call me cause I keep tellin they asses I'm not available.

Ya'll lemme tell you, Karsh sounds HELLA. SEXY. on the phone. I really wasn't expecting him to sound like that. I was expecting Karsh to sound a bit more gravely and surely, kinda like Mr. Burns on speed. I could fuck the shit out of his voice alone. Yes lawd jeebus I could. I'm considering doing an audio blog so all ya'll bitches can hear my voice. It's not what you think it to be.....

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*Dead* This is too funny.


posted by Lissa | 05.26.04 11:50 PM


I've talked with a blogger who has a rather sexy voice. He told me that I talk like I write, but my voice is soothing. Whatever that means. LOL.

posted by Timi | 05.27.04 01:54 AM


*lol* @ you trying dodging the bill collector's, but girl i was the same way i got tired of talking to them, but now i've paid them and don't even have to worry about any calling, however those damn telemarketers call constantly i normally tell them to hold on and girl i let them hold on for 30 minutes too :)

have a great memorial day weekend!

hey when you get a chance please go check out the gold shoes at my site, my ex- uncle-in-law had the nerve to wear those to his son's wedding.

posted by lashundra | 05.27.04 10:28 AM


Funny, people used to say I talked like I had a mouth full of marbles. Go fig, eh?

posted by karsh | 05.27.04 04:55 PM


i just recorded one of my poems on a track yesterday. my voice is nasally as what! ugh! i definately don't like my own voice...

posted by pear | 05.28.04 10:09 AM


I don't like my recorded voice either! I don't think it sounds like me at all. I've had some ppl say I sound little. What type shyt is that?! I sound little? I'm say'in, I'm only 5' but still.....(stop laughing) lol

I guess it all depends on my mood. I've also been told I have a sexy voice and a very professional voice. So I guess I'm multi-voiceable. lol

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

posted by sunshine | 05.28.04 02:16 PM


Maaan, let's not get started on my voice. :(

posted by Lisa | 05.28.04 11:59 PM


Shun~ Girl these bill collectors aint no joke. If I had the money, I woulda paid they asses already!

Karsh~ Iown know whose marbles been in your mouth, but you sound damn good to me.

Sunshine~ Gon' with your multi-voiceable self!

Leeser~ Your voice is soft and (southern) sexy. Whatchu tombout?

posted by ~SunRay~ | 05.29.04 09:46 AM


ok i want to feel special and have karsh call me so i can hear his sexiness.....

ya'll kia sound like a lil baby deer.... i mean , like they would sound if they could talk... something like that, oh hell whatever. she is cute as a button and just as sweet as sugar. i love her. :) and Lisa sounds like a sugary southern belle. her voice is shexay...*rawr*

i had so much fun hanging out with Senorita Sunray... must do it again!

posted by Lise | 05.31.04 04:23 AM


Peeks in to see if that audioblog is up yet.. lol.. gone and do the thang girl

posted by Pam - Reddy | 05.31.04 08:53 PM


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