I'm single. I've been single for a minute. There's nothing out here that's interesting. I do have my eye on one dude, but eh, I don't think he's available to me. Don't ask me how I know cause I don't feel like explaining.

The other day while I was slangin candles, I saw a dude I used to go to high school with. He was always cute but he's damn fine now. I'm saying though. He's just so...short. I think my daughter is taller than he is. For real. We exchanged the general "What's up" and "How you doin?". I hugged him. He held on just a little too long for my liking. Here it comes..."So ~SunRay~, when Imma get to holler atchu??" I mentally rolled my eyes. This dude was never checking for me before, why start now? That was a lil shady to me so I had to ask, "Where you stay at?" I really hope he hasn't fed this dumb ass line to another chick and she actually fell for it. This bastid said, "I'm staying with my baby muva, but it ain't like that." Aint. Like. That. Then what is it like? Ass. This ass he won't be getting. For the life of me, I don't understand why men expect me to take whatever bullshit, jenky, trifling, situation they want to put me in for their own satisfaction. I'm not feeling that. I'm not going to be used as an escape from reality or available pussy for anybody. Not happening. I think way too much of myself to let that shit happen. Again.

There's a new reader droppin through sunray.novaslim.com. Ya'll heard bout him before. Elmo. Yep, big eyed Elmo with the edible ass. *fans self* I know, I know, I know. Shit could get messy. He asked for it so it's his own damn fault.

In news of the weird, yesterday, I received a strange call. When I looked at the caller id here on my work phone, I felt like I should know the number displayed cause it looked familiar. I answer in my perky at work voice and the person on the other end asks for me. I didn't recognize the voice, thinking it was a bill collector so I told him I wasn't in. He declined to leave a message. After I hang up, this dude calls RIGHT. BACK. There was bout to be a problem cause I already tole this muhfukka I wasn't in. This time he decides he wants to leave a message. Guess who it was. King Sexy himself with a sweet southern drawl! He done looked up my work number online and found me. I was too done. I was relieved too. I really didn't feel like gettin all Sheniquafied having to cuss somebody out. I was so tickled by this. In a weird please don't stalk me way.

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lol @ you slangin candles...

Single is not a bad status... I think searching for the right one is half the fun...

posted by Rocka | 05.14.04 03:42 PM


Damn Elmo gon be readin this here? Big step homie ;)

Aaaww EJ called you ;) Ej dont call me HMMPH

posted by grayse | 05.14.04 04:45 PM


...and she dissed me at first, and I'm like 'who's this nice lady that sounds like she's off a commercial?' I had a great time talking to her, even with my little southern drawl...

posted by ej | 05.14.04 09:37 PM


EJ- That sounthern drawl was quite enchanting. And I didnt diss you....when I found out you weren't a bill collector :-D

Grayse- Um....yeah. It's a big step. As I go through the site, I realized I haven't talked about him that much (cept talkin ya'lls ears off) so it aint really that bad. I have to deal with it sometime. He'll be okay. And I will too.

Rocka- Being single really aint all that bad. It does get lonely. My preference is to have one steady person to chill with. That's what nOva's for.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 05.14.04 10:15 PM


"slangin candles"...what does that mean? I'm L7. Sorry.
Oooh and he commented here too. Sounds REAL sexy!

posted by Cheryl | 05.14.04 10:44 PM


Cheryl--Slangin means "to sell", whichi normally referse to drugs, ie, slangin rock.
He commented where? Iown see it. The only twig and berries up in this camp are Rocka and EJ. I'm actually waiting to see what's in that mind of his.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 05.14.04 11:04 PM


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