Man, man, man last week was a long hellified week. I was so happy when Friday rolled around. I've been in really good spirits since I recently dissolved a toxic situation in my life and I'm ready to move forward.

My financial situation is about to look a little better. Not much, but a little. I plan to pay off one of my credit cards with the check I get from the candle store this week. Actually, that's what every check from the candle store is gonna be used for: getting me out of debt.

Friday was hard for me. Boss Lady was at it yet again. This errand girl shit has gotten old. Like five minutes ago old. After the three meeting attendees filed in, she says to me, "I need you to take a lunch order for everyone." I immediately felt the bile rise in my throat cause she'd never ask Groovy, the other admin in the office to do no shit like that. Yeah, I'd get a free lunch but the shit runs so much deeper than that. I'm not a waitress. I'm not a servant. I don't expect to be treated as such. The shit I do for this little bitty paycheck is wearing me down mentally and physically.

Weight loss is starting to go very well for me. I lost 6 lbs since I last stepped on the scale about two weeks ago. I'm very happy about that. My efforts aren't in vain. Elmo was kind enough to point out the fact that my pants are sagging in the back. Thanks, homie. It aint like I had a whole lot of ass to begin with. My stomach is shrinking too. The stretch marks (yeah I got em, and whut?) aren't stretched out any more. I can also see where the fat is breaking up. That looks kinda gross, but progress isn't always attractive. This is definitely a motivator for me.

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You let Elmo get closer, huh? *Pulls out handcuffs* Here use these....

posted by ej | 05.25.04 07:42 AM



posted by ~SunRay~ | 05.25.04 09:04 AM


Just keep focused on paying off that debt...

posted by Laniza | 05.25.04 10:04 AM


Hey I looked at my flabby haunches and noticed that the horrific train track looking stretch marks there are kinda fading. Go shea butter!

Boss Lady seems to need a gut check or two. Bitch.

posted by Lisa | 05.25.04 03:23 PM


debt! argghhhh! good luck to ya girl cause i'm in the same boat! except I'm forced to pay cause they already froze my acct and took my $$$$$. Dont' let it get there!

ok so how'd u make those stretch marks disappear again! lol...ughhh working out is fun but sometimes its NOT.

boss lady...wanna rant go if no rant funny as heck!


posted by golden | 05.25.04 09:25 PM


Congrats on the weight loss girlie...

(I really need to step up my game and put down the cookies)

Try n stay prayerful about boss-lady.. God will work that on out for ya.

posted by Pam - Reddy | 05.26.04 12:23 PM


Way to go on the weight loss. I know it isn't east.

So Elmo is looking at your butt, huh?

posted by Elle | 05.28.04 04:19 PM


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