Lawd, lawd, lawd I is tiyud. With a capital D. This two job thing got old like, yesterday. I'm really not feeling this place, but I gotta make it work cause I need the cash. BAD. I head the child support division here in good ole DC is hiring and I shole is gonna apply. Imma find Baby Daddy 1 and collect on his bitch ass gobment style. Chea!

It's funny how people make ASSumptions about you based on how you look and what they think you are. Closet Queen, my manager at the new gig also has part time gig as a DJ playing country music at some small radio station. Because I'm a young black woman, he just ASSumed I'm into Pop and R&B. He had a nice shade of shock on his face when I told him I prefer rock over anything and proceeded to spit heat on my favorite bands and what makes them good. How bout asking me what my preferences are instead of making assuptions on demographics? Too much like right, eh?

Earlier, my daughter informed me that I received a piece of mail addressed to KiaSunRay, which is my IM handle. I found that to be quite bizarre. Since I wasn't expecting anything from Grayse or King Sexy, I had no idea who it could be. I told her to open it up (she and I were on the phone) to see what it was and who it was from. She said it was a card with a flower on it with a letter inside. Creepy indeed. When I get home, I remember I have to check out this obscure card and letter. Damn, wouldn't you know, it's a letter from my ex's friend, who has been trying to get with me every since we met. He's a cool brother, but I could never go there. Why? Cause 1). He's looking for a jailhouse penpal (emphasis on PEN) and 2). He's my ex's FRIEND. I'm not scandelous like that. I mean ew. So of course I told this ex that his boy sent me a card and letter. Um...mainly for my own amusement and I knew he'd be jealous. Okay, I'm a bitch, and whut? Wanna know his response? "Well tell him you left me and your man in jail, go wait for him." ROFLSAB (rolling on the floor laughing smackin a bitch). This was the funniest shit I heard in a long time. It made my day.

Had another session with Elmo yesterday. (Why don't he just break me off already?) He had me walking up and down the Stairs of Doom when I decided I needed a rest. Thinking I'm leaning against the wall, I almost lean against the emergency exit, which will trigger an alarm. I told him if the alarm went off, I'd just blame it on him. He said he'd have no choice but to take the blame. Fuck naw he wouldn't have a choice. He'd have to prove he didn't do it. Chea! As I'm stomping up and down the stairs, ya'll know this nigga had the nerve to ask me what would I do in an emergency. Would I a) drop the weights, leave em on the steps and run or b) take the weights with me. I told him I'd give the weights to him. This jenky bastid said that won't be an option cause my trainer would be gone. Chivalry is dead indeed! This muhfukka would just run and lee me if some shit went down. That's a nigga for ya.

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If my man went to prison I don't think I'd wait for him. If he has to do more than a year, it's adios baby! Timi don't roll with jailbirds. And even if he is sentenced to a year...the sentence would have to be bogus...somehow he has to be innocent. If he did some criminal stuff...then I'm out.

Elmo is triflin! LOL. That sounds like some stuff my baby brother would do.

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