I was this past weekend. Queen Sexy takes Gay Pride 2k4. Ain't that a trip? I'll give a day-by-day recap.

I headed over to the Phish Tea Cafe (right down the street from my house) with Prime Rib and King Sexy, for a book release party for Mykel Christopher whose book is titled Livin the Life. It was a nicely coordinated event, complete with a reading from the book. Meeting Mykel was such a pleasure; what a gracious man he is.

I had a very interesting encounter at the buffet table. I was minding my business, attempting to find a wing ding that wasn't too over cooked. A woman came up next to me so I shifted to the right a bit to make room for her. I looked up and she spoke. Being that I'm not rude all the time, I spoke back. While we're speaking, making idle chit chat, I maintain eye contact with her. That's the polite thing to do. She mistakes it for staring (which i actually was cause she had some hellified braces on her teeth) which I think may have turned her on a bit. She tells me she could stare at me all night. How did I become eye candy? She then proceeds to ask me if I'm a lesbian. Is it that obvious that I'm not? Am I required to know some secret code or handshake?

I went to a talent show with MizLise after I finished slangin candles. It was hilarious! This one dude didn't have music and the po' chile doin Alicia Keys, complete with a keyboard, was just clowned. The drag queen doing Beyonce looked a hot ass mess, he shole made for an ugly woman. The drag queen doing Donna Summer's Let's Dance was the bomb and some stuff. S/he could saaaaang! That was an overall fun performance. The highlight of the evening was the very slim dude who chose to performe as Andre 3000. He put it down. I thorougly enjoyed that.

I thought this would be a day of rest, but alas, it twas not to be. King Sexy called me bright and early to request my presence at the Convention Center, where Kelly Price would be performing. I called on the powers of Grayskull to get me up out of that bed. I screamed and hollered right along with the rest of the screamin heffas as Ms. Price gave up a poweful, yet short performance. I did walk around a bit to see what I could see and I saw a couple of trainers from the gym I go too. I'm not sure if they saw me, since I ducked and went the other way. I'd hate to be gossip for the Men's locker room.

I was very surprised there were so many people interested in meeting me. We at novaslim.com are quite popular. One of the notables was Mr. Christopher David who is one fine chocolate man. Yes lawd!

Of course my Baby Daddy was on hand to make a spectacle of me, as usual, complete with groping my breast, punching me in the ass as I was walking up the stairs and denying me a piece of his sammich. Actually I wasn't denied, I just couldn't get a piece until my own food arrived. Go figure.

Being a lesbian is such hard work.

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I am *dying* over here -- sounds like the weekend was fun!

posted by karsh | 06.01.04 10:59 AM


it most certainly was karsh...next year bring yo ass!

it was sooo good to finally meet you ms. sunshine. you and the boys were the most fun ever, more fun than i have had in a LONG ass time. i told nova that they needed to have one of those thangs every weekend, but he told me he'd be broke and bitter... *sigh* well he aint invited!

seriously, cant wait to see what else we come up with to occupy our days. at least i found out that i dont neccessarily have to go all the way to cali to have a good time. :)

and yes...being a lesbian is hard ass work... it aint easy being this sexy *wink*

posted by Lise | 06.01.04 04:12 PM


I had fun with you too Lise! You can find fun in DC. It's hard to tell if you're having fun cause you're so quiet.

nOva IS broke AND bitter!

posted by ~SunRay~ | 06.01.04 04:31 PM


Powers of Grayskull? You ass!!!! And don't make me delete that comment you just made. I OWN you!!!

posted by nOva | 06.01.04 05:48 PM


*psuedo-lesbian* checking in..

(thats fake for those who don't know psuedo)


posted by Pam - Reddy | 06.01.04 10:36 PM


My aunt Andre is a drag queen who thinks he's Donna Summers. He can put me to shame in some heels. lol. He was at the DC Gay Pride festival, so perhaps the Donna Summer impersonator may have been him.

posted by Timi | 06.01.04 11:01 PM


*dead* @ Timi! You bet be lyin! ROFL!

posted by ~SunRay~ | 06.01.04 11:18 PM


I swear on everything. My uncle/aunt thinks he's Donna Summers. He be cuttin up at our family reunions. LOL. You can't tell him that he isn't Donna reincarnated.

posted by Timi | 06.01.04 11:30 PM


Having pics of Queen Sexy will make anyone scream. Frenchie screamed about SunRay, not once but twice! It was glorious!

I'm coming back up to DC again, just to hang with Ms. Hotstuff, Lusious Lise, and Naughty Nova. The best I've had in a long time.

posted by ej | 06.02.04 12:19 AM


LMAO @ nOverr's tiddy grabbing.

Powers of Greyskull....maaan stop IT RAHT NAH! Too damn early in the mornin' for me to be giggling!

posted by Lisa | 06.02.04 04:32 AM


*lmao* @ this post, glad you enjoyed it but sorry to hear it was hard work *lol*

posted by lashundra | 06.02.04 12:16 PM


So that's how lesbians hook-up - at the buffet table. Thanks for enlightening me.


I'm not fond of DC but I would've liked hanging out with you crazy blogfolk. Maybe I can get over my aversion and make a trek to the Chocolate City just for that purpose (especially if we kick George outta the White House this year).

posted by j. brotherlove | 06.02.04 02:03 PM


sounds like big fun, im still disappointed that I was not able to make it to the convention center, :(......

and if you think being a lesbian is hard work, think about how hard it is to be a queen....ask nova (lol)

posted by ray | 06.02.04 02:17 PM


Nobody's a bigger queen than my nOva!

Ray-Ray~I was SO looking forward to seeing you. :-( Maybe we can hook up when Talib Kweli comes to town.

J. Brotherlove~ Dubya has got to go! We need to stomp him a new one. He makes me sick. /political tirade. C'mon to DC. Sure it's a cesspool of sin, but we's gon' have a good time.

Shun~ Guuurl, I haven't had to werq that hard in a long time! ~SunRay~ was shining, no doubt.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 06.02.04 08:44 PM


This is your final warning. You are talking entirely too much shit in these comments.

posted by nOva | 06.03.04 08:27 AM


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