For real. A straight one. I never meet straight boys, so this is a new thing for me. We met on the train the other nite when I was on my way from the PT job at SpankMe Candle. I was tiyud and the train was crowded. I got on at one end and had to walk all the way to the other to find a seat that wasn't surrounded by obnoxious adolecents. He turned sightly backward as I sat down. I didn't pay too much attention to it, cause frankly, I was too tired to care. Not interested in fighting with my piece 'o crap cd player, I pull out my copy of XXL (with Shyne on the cover) and get to reading. This cat turns back around and asks me what article I'm reading since he's well versed with this latest editon of XXL. I say something brief and covo just went from there. I'd love to have gone back to reading, but I didn't have the heart to shut him down. Him so cute.

I talk to him later on and find out that:

  • He's 25.

  • He lives at home


  • Wants to be a rapper

  • Has some signs of intelligence

  • He's a Libra
  • The latter I'm trynna forgive him for, unbalanced ass Libras. What piqued my interest in this young man is the fact that he likes history, ALL KINDS of history, just like I do. That's the first thing that got my brainwaves all excited. He also speaks in complete sentances and doesn't swear. How can he be a product of the projects? There's got to be a catch.

    I'm sure it makes no sense for me to even demand that a man has no kids. It's hypocritical even. Guess what.....iown eein give a fuck. I don't have the interest or desire to put up with some BabyMommaDrama. Broads be straight lunchin. I'd hate to haveta smack a bitch. The downside...he has no kids and wants to do that whole get married/have kids thing. EH. That's so not me. Iown want no more kids and damn if I want to get married.

    We all have complexes about ourselves. :( Not sure if I'm ready to deal with someone else and their issues. As far as I can tell, I think his are a superficial, ie, weight, height and whatnot. I think his selfconfidence is a low and he's also passive. PASSIVE. I have issues with a passive man. If you want me come get me, or a susta is gon' get bored and move on. Don't get it twisted. If a nigga pounces on me, he'll graciously get punched in the nutsack. But damn, let's be enthusiastic. This is my impression out of a 45 minute conversation. There's sure to be more in store.

    Here's a secret. C'mon, move in closer. **whisper** I'm afraid of relationships. I'm afraid to allow myself to become involved with anyone for a substantial period of time. I begin to feel squeemish when I think another functioning human is begining to depend on me for mental and emotional support. I just don't fare well with that kind of interaction.

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    Ain't nothing wrong with being a Libra!

    posted by Antonio G | 06.06.04 02:53 PM


    Gotdamn Libras. Umph.

    Wants to be a rapper...da fuck? Is that like a viable aspiration these days? Good thing he has other redeeming qualities.

    posted by Lisa | 06.06.04 03:39 PM


    P.S and shit - I ain't been in a relationship for half a decade, so I shole can identify with that not wanting to be responsible for someone's feelings/ego thing. I'm not too sure I can trust someone to be responsible for mine.

    posted by Lisa | 06.06.04 03:45 PM


    You go girl.

    Betta give him "the test" though.. LOL Just kidding.

    posted by Mike (AKA Prime) | 06.06.04 08:37 PM


    I surfed in and thought I would say hi. I hope this new situation works out for you, whether you stay and be happy or learn something and move on. Peace.

    posted by Ethel | 06.06.04 09:06 PM


    So far so good. Don't LOOK for things wrong with him, something I tend to do. If he cool now, then let him be. Slowly his jackassery will unravel on it's own, if he's a jackass. Have fun with him, establish a friendship with him and by all means don't allow him to grab your boobies until he signs a release and returns it to me.

    posted by nOva | 06.07.04 03:55 PM


    What tha hell is wrong with Libras? And umm is he from Atlanta? Cause err'body and they momma in ATL got a album dropping and shit. I happen to be a semi-balanced one hmph. Anyways, I cosign with Nova...just sit back, relax, and let it unfold.

    posted by Moni | 06.07.04 09:49 PM


    Smirks @ wants to be a rapper.. well the brutha betta have a helluva flow to make that his career goal.

    posted by Pam - Reddy | 06.07.04 10:52 PM


    To my Libras: You know I got luh for ya'll. I do. It's ya'll unbalanced habitual lyin psychopaths I'm talkin to. You know who you are.

    Ya'll is so right. Imma ride this thang on out. Him so sweet AND uses proper english. Just makes me moist.

    *DEAD* @ nOva! Why can't I have control over MY OWN boobies?!?

    posted by ~SunRay~ | 06.07.04 10:55 PM


    im excited that you have a new boy toy in the works homie, but better question, DID YOU GET DEM DIGITS DERE?

    and its ok to be scard of relationships, you arent the only one. Just do not allow the fear to dictate you future interactions and friendships.

    "I recommend biting off more then you can chew." Alanis Morisette - :)
    (if its too much, spit that shit out, get me?)

    posted by ray | 06.09.04 11:04 AM


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