My quest for a suitable penis is futile. These guys suck and not in a good way. Shy Guy is out. Gone. Over. Done with. Why? Cause 1). He's boring as fuck. 2). He's boring as fuck and 3). I expresed much displeasure with his surprise visit. He don't know me like that.

Couple days ago I met MourkAssBusta (MAB). Immediately after I gave him my number, I decided I didn't like him. I'm bout to splain why. This nigga old (35) and was asking way too many questions bout Baby Daddies 1 & 2. I mean nigga damn, are you trynna know me or do you wanna get wit wunna them niggas? He should've let me know cause I can hook him up with wunna they weak asses. Niggas that try to check my finances off the break have volunteered to get punched in the throat. Mind your fuckin business. I'm not chasing a nigga for his money and damn if he's getting any of mine. This nigga prolly on some work release type shit anyway.

Elmo doesn't count cause he's a good christian virgin. With a lot of ass. (the virgin part has yet to be confirmed. since i spoke it, consider it gospel.)

Last nite's pickings were slim. One one side of the train was Lesbianca and on the other was Jigaboo. Just because I look like a big burly lesbian, don't mean I'm actually in practice. Really. Have yet to really find out what's so appealing bout me to the Lesbiancas. Could possibly be my permanent scowl. Makes a bitch all moist.

Men that are morbidly larger than my self frightnen me. I mean the kinda dude that gets on the train and can't stand up straight cause he's too damn big and takes up an entire seat cause, well, he's too damn big. Them niggas frighten me. Jigaboo was all of the above. He was blacker than a muhfukka too. I don't mean the sexy kinda black. I mean the clutch your purse, grab your shank kinda black. *sigh* I shall remain dickless.

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Now, you know you ain't right!! Jigaboo?! Remain dickless?! LMAO!!

posted by Cheryl | 06.27.04 10:44 AM


I am shame, and blushing. I'm gonna get you some help * calls the padded wagon *

posted by Mike (AKA Prime) | 06.27.04 10:55 AM


"Clutch your purse, grab your shank kinda black"? *dead*

posted by karsh | 06.27.04 10:59 AM


It ain't the permanent scowl on yo face. You just look like you can eat pussy with skill and flair.

posted by Lisa | 06.27.04 01:06 PM


You have managed to offend fat people, dark-skinned people, people over the age of 30, and lesbians all in one post. Good girl! Put in down like nOva up in this piece!

posted by nOva | 06.27.04 02:52 PM


As long as there are rubber and vibrating dicks in the world... we shall not remain dickless.. ahem ahem.. did I say we.. exits to go buy more batteries.

posted by Pam - Reddy | 06.27.04 10:30 PM


i shouldn't even be laughing cuz i'm older than dude you calling old and fat, but i can not help it cuz i know exactly what you mean. sittin on a bus thinking 'damn that bitch is big muthafukka. i'm fat but gatdamn!' been there! shit just happened to me yesterday. gf had 3 sets of knees. and had on leggings.

ej keeps leading me to sick & crazy people.

posted by Enigma | 06.28.04 01:29 AM


Know you now you can't be on a quest for penis because then you will never find it... Instead look hot, and believe me... the penis will find you...

posted by rocka | 06.28.04 01:22 PM


LMAO! You had my side hurting for laughing to hard.

nOva made a great layout for you!

posted by Carla | 06.29.04 10:40 PM


Ok explain it to me. Was he a battleship grey kinda black? You know what I mean..looking like he about a quart low? Or was he the shiny patten leather black? Shiny! Like he ate a buket of chicken AND a greasy two piece....oh and a diet coke.

posted by Phill | 07.22.04 02:31 PM


Your quest needs to bring you over to my corner of DC!

posted by Ted | 07.28.04 01:01 PM


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