Note: Let's give a shout out to Prime Bear for fixin my blog. It was having some serious technical issuses and he saved it! **doing running man**

Saturday, I took my daughter to Jeepers for her befday. I wasn't looking forward to spending this money, but it's her special day so I basically had no choice. I went the Greenbelt, MD location; we'd never been there before (we usually go to Rockville, MD) and didn't know what to expect. Ya'll this place was straight up G H E T T O. It looked hood, smelled hood and was right in the middle of the hood. We came in right at 3 and our Party Pro, Shaquandraneesha, wasn't even at the front to greet us. Her co-workers were there and they called her on a walkie-talkie looking device as they stood around and socialized, basically looking lazy and shiftless as fuck. After I gave a chick the gas face, she decides it would be a good idea to lead us to our table. I thought so.

Shaquandraneesha (her name was actually Kiesha, but she looks more like Shaquandraneesha) sauntered over and introduced herself. I immediately didn't like this girl cause she was as lazy as all the rest. I'm sure we weren't her first party but she was real unorganized. I did most of the work myself and she wasn't even fun. EH. I don't want to go back to that one again, but the kids love it.

Had another session wiff Elmo....ah...sweet, sweet Elmo. Did I tell ya'll that nigga crazy? As I'm descending the Stairway of Doom he snaps me...with my own damn towel! I certainly didn't see that one coming. At least it wasn't a wet towel. Friday he had the nerve to call me...Sybil. Wait till he sees the rest of the personalities lurking within.

I'mma need for that nigga to stop standing so close to me. I know, I know, he posed to make sure I don't hurt myself and whatnot, but the heat from his crotch (could be my own lusty imagination) is starting to distract a susta. I'm trynna ride out this whole self imposed ceilbacy thing, but somebody bout to get fucked. For real.

I may get my own space soon. I'm a big girl now and I can hold down my own site (and get from under the reign of nOvaPain). may be in the works....stay tuned.

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Don't you just hate that?! I hate when we patronize a business and they act like we aren't the reason they exist or have a job. At least the kids had fun, but I know you will not go back.

Let me know when is open for business! *wink*

posted by Cheryl | 06.21.04 05:42 PM


I'm all 'bout you gettin yo own spot so you can talk as much trash about NoVerr as you want. :D And you know I still say you should pants Elmo... see what he wurkin wit... might not be all dat... lmao cya

posted by Monkie | 06.21.04 09:42 PM


I'm glad your daughter was able to enjoy her birthday inspite of the ghetto-ness you encountered.

Good luck with making the transition to your new spot.

LMAO @ "somebody bout to get fucked." That's hella funny. Don't hurt 'em, aight!

posted by MsThing | 06.22.04 08:57 AM


can't wait til is up and running.

glad your daughter had a good birthday can you take me to see "garfield for my bday on the 28th of next month?" lol

take care.

posted by Lashundra | 06.22.04 04:49 PM


Gurl you sho is craaaazy!!!!!!!

posted by Phill | 06.23.04 06:44 PM


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