I've been forced by the Blog Patrol to update my shit just cause I got a new hot ass (not fiyah, but hot) layout, eventhough I aint got shit to say.

I'd rather go fiddle with my clitoris.

I'm not okay. Please don't call/email/send smoke signal asking if I'm okay. I'm not. I'm far from okay. My shit is fucking up in the worst way and I don't forsee a way out of this. It's stressing me to the point where I'm apt to burst into tears at any moment. I'm living grimey. Some days I eat, some days I don't. As long as the kids are fed, everything should be straight. I got change in my pocket attempting to offset the lint.Elmo isn't even appealing to me at the moment and ya'll know how I luh me some Elmo. I think we irritated each other the other day, and he don't like having his imperfections pointed out. He's a cutie, don't understand his issue(s).

As much as I hate working at Yankee Candle, I LUH the hell outta some candles. Votives have always been my favorite. I can't get with those big ass jars. I'm supposed to be there to make money, not spend it.

My daughter had a big suprise for me when I came home...she cleaned the house, complete with washing the dishes. I'm so pleased. Guess she's trynna make up for her fuckery this week.

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So what you're saying is...you're not ok?

posted by Lisa | 06.30.04 09:01 PM


* Big Hug * It's gone be alright Kia. Good things happeng to good people, and are good people. Just keep your head up. Know that you are loved by many...

posted by Mike (AKA Prime) | 06.30.04 09:53 PM


it's gonna be alright, QS, we know how it is, trust.... Elmo don't know no betta.

posted by ej | 06.30.04 10:10 PM


You are stealing my thunder with this bitching about money and whatnot. There can only be one broke bitch at novaslim.com. Da hell we gon' do if both of us broke and shit? And why the hell is Prime giving away all my *big hug*s? That boy knows better!!!

And tell Elmo's lopsided ass to come out of the closet already. I can't these damn threshold bammas, peaking out of the closet for eye candy and dipping back in when it's convenient.

I like ranting up in your comments. It's fun. RANT RANT, RIGGEDY-RANT!!!

posted by Fontaine X | 06.30.04 10:18 PM


I'ma need for you to not make me worry about you... if I gotta come up there and whoop some ass lemme know. *hugs*

posted by Monkie | 07.01.04 02:05 AM


aww, i hope everything gets better? (i know that shit don't help, but i wanted to show concern w/o ummm... you know)

(lol lisa)

posted by tionne | 07.01.04 03:36 PM


hope you get well soon girl.

your daughter is smart, mine tend to do something nice when she fucks up :)

have a happy 4th and weekend.

hey send me some of them candles i love candles.

posted by Lashundra | 07.01.04 04:23 PM


oh yea the layout is on fiyaaah

posted by Lashundra | 07.01.04 04:23 PM


the new layout looks great... i love love it....

posted by RenSistah | 07.02.04 12:15 AM


site is hot but you're not feeling so hot - hmmm....
maybe i should mind my bidness, but fuck elmo
that's if he's wearing your nerves paper thin and all
now as for you being down in the dumps and if it's related to living grimey - time to escalate a game plan - not like you prolly ain't trynna do that already

check it tho, thinks sometimes seem worse than they really are

posted by lynne | 07.02.04 07:04 PM


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