That's what I is, according to a Google search. Someone was looking for "sexy asian bitches" and ended up here with me. Go figure.

**Attention Cancers** Imma need for ya'll to space your berfday's just a lil farther apart. This shit is really begining to conflict with my schedule. Thanks for your cooperation. I'm also grossly overbooked this Cancer season.

nOva: ok, you need to mark your calendar
nOva: Mike's b-day is June 27, Anfanee is June 23, I am July 1, and EJ and Michael-Christopher are on July 16th.
nOva: you sure you're gonna be able to give up all that ass to all of us?

I wasn't aware that I'm required to service the Cancers this year. I didn't receive the memo, draw a straw, nor did I play Paper-Rock-Scissors. I need more notice.

I had an interview for a secretarial position with the CIA yesterady. I think it went very well. The process for this is long. I mean damn long. My resume has already been reviewed by two different people, before I even got the letter last month, stating I have to take a series of test, which to my surprise, I scored very high on. I think it's very likely I'll be recommended for employment. After I receive a conditional appointment letter, I'll have to fill out a whole lotta forms, 17 total, one of which is 11 pages long. After I submit my life's story, they gon' start to investigate me, which should last about 21 days. They gonna talk to neighbors, co-workers, friends and even check my credit. Damn. Check. Mah. Credit. If I make it through all that, then I'll have to take a ploygrah, a medical exam and be evaluated by a psychiatrist. Next I'll receive an offical letter telling me when I can start. All that to type some fucking letters. I hope this is worth it. While this is a good opportunity to start a career in something other than boring admin, this shit is far from my house. I mean reeeeeaaaal far. I'm not looking forward to that commute. I'll even have to take an oath, swearing to protect the secrets of the CIA, which means, I'll have to become a professional liar. I am very excited though. It's a very overwhelming experience.

09.June.2004    12:29 AM     Commments: 11

11 comment(s) » add yours

LMAO @ Paper-Rock-Scissors. I thought the Sexy People have no limites to their abilities.. hummmm...

And yes, remember kiddies - June 27th.. stop by and check out my wish list (Shameless nOva style b-day plug(

posted by Mike (AKA Prime) | 06.09.04 12:45 AM


OMG! Good luck girlfriend! That will be wonderful when they finally say you're hired! I am so hyped for you. Be sure to let me know!

posted by Cheryl | 06.09.04 10:13 AM


YYYAAYYYY to a possible new job, but dayum DO THEY REALLY NEED YOU TO BE DOIN ALL THAT

....maybe I wouldnt meet so many triflin ass men if i had a similar application process (ESPCIALLY THE CREDIT CHECK PORTION), mmmmkkkkk??

posted by ray | 06.09.04 10:57 AM


Word you gon be workin fo da MAN... lmao... for real... good luck. Um... can a virgo get some luv...

posted by Monkie | 06.09.04 11:45 AM


good luck with the job i bet it will be fun working for the CIA. but dang it's a long process but i'm praying you will get it.

lol @ the cancer's bday's you've got to remember don't work them over too bad :)

those google or any searches are a trip, ppl search for some crazy things.

posted by lashundra | 06.09.04 12:16 PM


The CIA?? You know that means that if I ever meet you, and you're workin for them, I'ma have to kill you. That is AFTER we suck face for a while though.

Have fun givin up the Cancer ass!! (ew. that don't sound right) Call me if you need a stand-in, k?

posted by blu | 06.09.04 12:48 PM


Prime Bear~ The sexy people can do anything. Indeed we can. I'm sayin, just give a sista some notice.

Cheryl~ I'm really nervous and excited about this process, but I won't be upset if I don't get it. Working for the Feds was never a life long dream of mine.

Ray Ray~ These bastids want to know everthing about you. E V E R Y T H I N G. The thought of them diggin all in my business makes me squirm.

Monkie~ Virgo Power! from one Virgo to another. We the bomb and some stuff.

Shun~ The Cancers are a demanding group. What imma do for a group of gay men is beyond my reasoning.

Blu I wouldn't be an agent, so I wouldn't deserve to die. Can we accelerate that sucking and licking? KTKS.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 06.09.04 01:27 PM


But the Cancer-mo's love you. Just wait til your b-day get here. We gon' be all over you like Cancer-born homos on Queen Sexy.

posted by nOva | 06.09.04 03:25 PM


Just a reminder...


posted by Timi | 06.10.04 12:41 AM


I'm a scorp... but I still want some ass...

posted by Rocka | 06.11.04 07:20 PM


employers that check credik scurr me!

but good luck on this opportunity!

posted by raven | 06.11.04 10:26 PM


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