I'm irritated today and I'm bout to splain why. Couchman called me all upset this afternoon, moaning and bitching about something. I really should have been a (better) friend and listed to said whining, but I didn't feel like it. The bit I was able to catch made me mentally roll my eyes. He wants to buy a house just like the average American. Okay, no biggie. With disdain he informs me, "I don't plan to buy a house in DC." Biiiiiiitch! I could certainly give less than a fuck if he decided to buy a home on the hottest level of hell, respekt mah shit. After I got in his shit about it, (Couchman lived with me for about 8 months, hence the name couchman) he gave a weak ass explaination of kids being hit by random stray bullets not far from where I live. I found myself going down the same road I did with Boss Lady. Yes, the violence concerns me. No, I'm not scared; It's a part of city life. Just as my child can be shot in DC, he or she can be abducted in McLean, VA. We don't steal kids in the city. Why? Cause niggas already got kids they have to (or half ass) take care of. They don't wanna be bothered with that shit. Couchman has been whitewashed (more on that in a later post) to belive that living in the ass crack of Chezy Whitey and assimilating to an infinte degree is gonna guarantee security. The thought is enough to make me sick. As I've said before in previous posts: DC is where I'm gonna be. I like the city life and there's nothing anyone can do to change that. I do not have the desire to assimilate with the whites to gain acceptance.

While I'm ranting about muhfukkas who decide to challenge my living choices, let's talk about The Ex. He come callin last nite beggin and grovelin, basically trynna get back together. As I was tuning in and out of his annoying bullshit, I noticed he said something to the affect of..."Don't you want a better house?" You broke ass bastid, I have what I WANT for the moment. I didn't even go into the reasons for buying my house. I don't have to. Obviously it's something I wanted if i spent several thousand dollars to make the purchase. Isn't that sensical? I'm quickly loosing patience with niggas that think they can buy me. My pussy is not for sale. My integrity is not for sale. My soul is not for sale. I get what I want when I feel I need it. Plain and simple.

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Fuck the dumb shit. Niggas is getting killed everywhere. Living up on the pinks don't guarantee a damn thing.

*Throwing rotten tomatoes at Couchman for being an ignorant dick*

posted by Lisa | 06.10.04 04:20 PM


I hate the "if I live near white people I'm guaranteed safety" mentality. It irks the shyt outta me. I cringe when I hear black people say shyt like that. Last time I checked, white people were prone to commit crimes too.

Keep on doing what pleases you, SunRay. I admire you for standing up for what YOU believe in and not compromising your integrity to please others. You rock!

posted by MsThing | 06.10.04 05:25 PM


Can i just say for the record that MY pussy is INDEED for sale?


Well, he didn't necessarily say he didn't want to live around black people, did he? My people aggravate me on a daily basis and you best believe when I have two bank accounts to rub together Imma haul my ass so far away from this area you're gonna have to look for me in the daytime with a searchlight. Even still, I am determind to live amonst polite, upwardly mobile blacks. I love my people, just not the ones I encounter on a daily basis in my 'hood.

Saddity? I wear that shit proudly.

posted by nOva | 06.10.04 10:14 PM


@ nOva--This nigga is determined to assimilate with the whites, plain and simple. He's looking to live in the neighborhoods devoid of African American folk. It's on you if you want to shun your race when you get some change in your pocket. That aint gonna change who you are or where you come from. Every race is jenky. There isn't one ethnicity that is devoid of fucked up characteristics. When my money start coming in, Imma be right chea. Money doesn't buy security; it breeds envy and hatred.

@ Ms. Thing- Doing whatever pleases me has become my main priority. When it's all said and done, I have to face myself for my choices. No one else has to deal with that.

@ Leeser- I'd like to say Couchman is a work in proress but I'd be lying. This nigga don't even want to date a black woman. You know imma spit heat on that in a later post.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 06.10.04 11:29 PM


*smh* @ couchman... the poor, ill-informed boy is trynna tuck his tail and run.. he could live on the friggin moon and someone could come and buss him in the head w/ a moon rock---- nowhere is 100% safe.

posted by ~*~CollegeSusta~*~ | 06.13.04 11:46 PM


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