I'd like to thank everyone for their condolences and well wishes. This hardest part is explaining this to the kids. They loved Gramma and this is their first experience with death. Thank you all for your concern and support.

But there's another situation that needs to be dealt with.

Last Thursday when I left for ATL, I was looking forward to hanging out and having a good time. I still had a good time and plan to go back in the fall, but there's an undercurrent that is still going on, and I'm ready to address it.

It was my intent to let this ride, but the shit just won't die. Yes, I was stood up last Friday morning. No it didn't feel good.

Frankly, I didn't think the situation was that traumatic. I didn't hold anyone hostage and saying no is always an option. No is okay. I'm not so pissed that you didn't show up, but more pissed that you weren't honest with me about your intentions. If you had other plans/desires/feelings, why not just say that? Makes more sense and is quite simple.

Yes, my ticket was charged on your card. And yes, you recieved your money back. In full. You offered, I accepted. I know better next time. When someone extends and act of kindness or curtesy, truly kind people do it from the heart, not to keep score.

Now it's time to stop this bullshit back and forth between the blogs and bloggers. I didn't call you out. I didn't put you out there. Others felt your actions were sub par and decided to address it. Again, I chose to let it ride.

Yes, a phone call would have sufficed, however, you chose not to. Your reasoning for not calling is weak. It doesn't take that much effort to pick up a phone. I'm not mad, since I know you have a track record of such behavior. I do find the way you handled the situation most distasteful.

Now you've heard from my mouth how I feel about this situation, and I'mma let it ride.


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You get a serious, serious hug from this one. It's time to move forward. There's much more out there.

posted by ej | 07.26.04 09:20 PM


Ain't nobody else called her ass out either (directly that is). But like my mama says, a hit dog shole will holla. Only the people involved knew to what I was referring. Don't be talking bout folks calling you out and not addressing you personally if you can't even bring yourself to confront the person you did wrong in the first place.

I must admit I have a bad habit of taking it upon myself to fly off the handle on behalf of my friends and my fam. It's nothing I plan on apologizing for though. :D I felt a need to address the shit cause Iown like when decent people get fucked over for others' selfish agendas. I'm a venter/ranter and that shit feels goot! Things coulda got a lot worse. When I get in a mood I will rip a mufucka's soul to shreds. Humph.

Fuck with my friends and you might as well have bent me over and assraped me with a splintery broomstick. I take that shit personally, mane. It wasn't my place to say shit, but I MADE it my place cause I'm ghetto and gangsta like dat.

Let this serve as a warning for all that want to fuck with Tron!

And um I know you was tryin to be all civil and shit with your response but ya know I gotz to be an ass about the situation. These will be my last words on this subject. For real.

posted by Coochleby Brown | 07.26.04 09:38 PM


Yes, bitch, you betta read the girls for points like one ol' fierce cunt! That little Mafioso shit said blogger is playing is right sickening!

posted by Coko Latosha Grand-Marnier | 07.26.04 10:05 PM


That Petunia Pig bitch done stood me up too. Call a spade a spade. Tell it!

posted by karsh | 07.26.04 10:48 PM


...i was gonna be silly? but i think i'll switch up the game 'n be serious since we've had our fair shurrr of craziness. i agree w/ you. personally? regardless of whether or not i've heard both sides of the story i could give a fuck - i heard enough to know that SHE (Grayse) aint right. fuck what ya heard 'n fuck you if you think i'm choosin' sides. you aint right - and whadeva welfare ass, i cain't get to germany bullshit you was goin' through, you should'a told this girl the truth. (if you can't tell, i'm one'a them silly mofos that gets involved) but only when it comes to stupid impractical muthafuckaz. what you did to kia (and others) only tells me, eventually you'd do the same shit to me - pfffft eff that. no hard feelin's though, mmmmkay. there's justice in this post people - just - ice. now we can... uhhhh, as it was said "move on & let shit go."

deuce'd - Blacktice League

posted by Fuckelbe Jones | 07.26.04 10:59 PM


Awww shiiiiiiiit, t! *hi-five* School lat #FF99FF bitch! Shoot. I knowz now that I shall never trifle with Fuckelbe Jones. Umph! *testifying* Wellll!

Coko - Straight mafioso. Let her tell it she harder than calcified toenails.

Karsh. I'm very mad at you. Because my gotdamn tummy is hurting from laughing. Petunia indeeeeed! Ahahahahahhhahaha! *flatfuckingline*

posted by Coochleby Brown (BL) | 07.26.04 11:14 PM


Miss Kia make the ballers wanna sturr!!!

posted by Coko Latosha Grand-Marnier | 07.26.04 11:33 PM


*Mahalia Jackson*

posted by Antonio G | 07.26.04 11:37 PM


Ya'll aint right, mang. Ya'll aint right. Be nice(er)!

Don'tcha'll make me close these comments!

posted by Tron Dawg | 07.26.04 11:40 PM


Yes, bitch!!! A forum!!! Let's keep it moving.

posted by Coko Latosha Grand-Marnier | 07.26.04 11:52 PM


fuck that 'n fuck grimey club nigga dick gobblin', bullshit asssssss, no good, frontin' ass, lyin' ass, make'a my head hurt ass, unnecessary bullshit ass, complain' ass, assassanine assssss muthafuckin' panks. hmph. now you can close em.

posted by Fuckelbe Jones | 07.26.04 11:54 PM


Me thinks my heart just stopped


Didn't I juss tell ya'll to play nice(er)?

posted by Tron Dawg | 07.27.04 12:00 AM


See now...yall bitches were sposed to end up at MY house while on that trip! And when my booty potentials gets fucked up, I'm ready to pound a bitch! I coulda had one of the biggest asses I've ever seen in mah life right up in my face. Coulda been lickin on some dimples too. Fuck my whole flow up n shit. And why I aint find out yall weren't comin till like a week after yall done got back home? I'm bout to go off on Tron and Coochleby. YALL GONE MAKE ME ACT A FOO! UP IN HURR UP IN HURR! *booty clappin*

But yeah...guess what? I'm in a hella good mood and I aint gone get into this ish. For if I do, my high will be royally shatted on. And yall know how im-po-tant my high is. Heh.

Yes, my coochie needs were directly affected by the absence of 2 fine bitches in my house, but tis ok. I ain't mad atcha. Next time I might hafta chop a throat or stab a kneecap or sumesuch though. WATCH OUT NOW!

Can we all fuck now?

posted by Blu | 07.27.04 04:33 PM


BLACKTICE LEAGUE FO LIFE!! BIATCH! *throwin up black signs*

posted by Skanklebee Jackson, Foo! | 07.27.04 04:37 PM


Y'all ain't right....lmbao!

posted by Peaches Da' Hoe Slapper | 07.27.04 06:25 PM


Like Old Cat in Color Purple, I'm grabbing my hat, packing up my guitar and stepping out the speakeasy befo' shit starts flying even more. This started out civil and all of a sudden, Squeak gon go and slap Sofia. I ain't 'bout to be up in here during the hell that erupts.

I'll watch from outside cuz it sho is good to see it from afar;-)

posted by Dre | 07.27.04 07:34 PM


first and foremost i wanna say thank nova for the invite. Good lookin homey...anyhoo I find it really funny how most of yall are sitting here coming at one person about some shit she did to 1 or maybe even two of yall. It seems like everybody was cool before the supposed shit occured with between the owner of this site and grayse. Who might i add both seem like they are not really stressin it. But the rest of yall are adding your two cents and creating more drama? Ummm that dont sound right.

What im really finding hilarious is that now yall in here calling Grayse all kinda names but like a week ago 39393993 of yall where cool with her. When she was doing something nice for yall, did you ever turn her down? Oh let me guess things were fine then! So what's the deal? She doesnt come through with what YOU want her to or even what she said she might do....yall ready to call her out. That shit aint right. If yall were really cool wit Grayse and were truely her friend (as yall APPEARED TO BE) then you wouldnt be stressing the friendship over something so trivial. I mean damn have you never been stood up before by someone you cool with? Its not that serious. Basically you tell them about that shit and continue about your biz. If you decide not to be their (or even her) friend then dont be it then. Good thing outta this situation is that Grayse now knows how people are. One.

posted by Ty | 07.27.04 11:23 PM


uhhh - just like a white bitch to go get some token involved in some shit that aint her fuckin' buisness... fuck her & whoever else she got on her bullshit - talkin' bout it aint real life, it's i-net, but you got i-net muthafuckaz backin' yo welfare ass, stoopit, german fuckery? (sigh) specifically to you - you no-gag-reflexin' muthafucka - IF YOU NEED ME TO BE "REAL" AND TELL YOU TO YO FUCKIN' FACE (for everyone) I WILL. dust.

posted by Fuckelbe Jones | 07.28.04 01:54 AM


uhhh - just like a white bitch to go get some token involved in some shit that aint her fuckin' buisness... fuck her & whoever else she got on her bullshit - talkin' bout it aint real life, it's i-net, but you got i-net muthafuckaz backin' yo welfare ass, stoopit, german fuckery? (sigh) specifically to you - you no-gag-reflexin' muthafucka - IF YOU NEED ME TO BE "REAL" AND TELL YOU TO YO FUCKIN' FACE (for everyone) I WILL. dust. ---- nova

First of all you dont know shit about me to be calling me "a token". Second of all, I didnt disrespect you nor come at you ignorantly....so bascially im going to make this real simple for your ass. DONT EVER TRY TO DISRESPECT ME BECAUSE I WILL SLAP YOU AROUND LIKE THE LITTLE BITCH YOU ARE! So guess what, I didnt need a crew to pump me up to say shit, so please dont get it fucked up! Can you understand that shit. GOOD! Point # 3 is that this was never a racial issue so therefor why are u making it one.

Now on to my last fucking point. What has grayse did personally to you???? So stop co-signing on somebody else beef.

*now if anybody else has shit to say about my comments im over at Brown-suga.net or can be emailed at bgurl@brown-suga.net. Thanks. Ty. ONe

posted by Ty | 07.28.04 08:06 AM


I always find it funny how people who don't really know anything about said past situations got the most vitriolic shit to say. I mean really, if it didn't happen to you, why go personalize it?

These Internet slapping threats of Ty are lame and unwarranted, which furthermore reinforces her given status as token, dummy, front (wo)man, mouthpiece, and/or stooge. Wearing your ovaries on the outside on the Internet don't make you hard, so please, refrain from sprinkling salt in your estrogen for a minute, OK?

I think we're all officially done with you, her, and this topic. Shall we move on, people?

posted by karsh | 07.28.04 09:24 AM


official: let me apologize to everyone for my negativity, words, and overall involvement in this situation. it was taken personally, because of my... "blindless" to the type of person grayse is - however after a yahoo i.m. personal... "attack," i now understand and know whas' the fuss. i aint gone entertain ty's imagination - and karsh is right, 'preciate the blunt reality check, i needed that. *daps*

posted by tionne | 07.28.04 11:47 AM


I will say my bad to Nova because i thought you were novelic or whatever....similar domain names. Nova my comments are not aimed @ you but rather to Tionne.

To further add, Tionne your a new cat....you havent been around long enough to be up in beef or trying to disrespect somebody.

@ Karsh, your a funny dude, because you SHOULDVE BEEN MOVED ON. As i stated time and time again. This shit had nothing to do with YOU so why are you PERSONALIZING IT. You like the pot calling the kettle black my brother. It was Grayse's and Kia's situation from the start. If they choose not to be friends thats their decision. So dont try to sit here and make it seem like your ass has being taking the high road in all this. BECAUSE BOO YOU HAVENT been just look at your site entries and the shit you been saying all up in these comments.

Furthermore, im not trying to act hard...this is who i am. Like i said dont disrespect me and i wont disrespect YOU (or anyone else) for that matter. I came here to point out how OVERLY FUCKING EXAGGRATED this situation has gotten. Yall been immature about it from the start. Funny shit is the two people the shit is between aint even trippin as much as YALL ARE.

posted by Ty | 07.28.04 11:48 AM


*correction* she didn't "attack" me per say... uhhh, i can't describe it, but we were pretty much on the same level when it came to responses in the arguement - now i'm through.

posted by tionne | 07.28.04 11:56 AM


Imma have the last say on this, cause frankly, this shit has gotten right dumb. Yes, I was wronged; it was acknowledged, and yes, it will be rectified.

Ty--You're no better than anybody else insterting their opinions on the situation. You decided to jump in like everybody else did--no difference. This is not the first time Grayse has done this, just the first time she did it to me.

Some of this shit was real hateful, no matter how much truth lies within. I can't have that at sunray.novaslim.com, unless it's coming from me, of course.

This shit is officially over and done with.

posted by Queen Sexy ~SunRay~ | 07.28.04 01:18 PM


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