I'm officially back in DC and have been since Tuesday afternoon. I enjoyed my stay in ATL and I'm making plans to head back in September to see the Battle of the Bands. That should be fun.

Little Known Facts About My Visit

  • I scalded myself in the shower...twice.

  • I'm scared of the theatre room cause it doesn't have a window.

  • I didn't get in the jacuzzi...dommit!

  • Took a lot of self control not to fondle Leeser's ass.

  • Leeser and I posed in front of the Martin Loofah Kang Center like heathens. There has to be a special place in hell for us.

  • Southern men actually have manners.

  • That little flap of skin at the opening of your ear does in fact have a name (Tragus) and I pierced mine. It was an intentional piercing so shaddup!

  • I'm allergic to doggie slobber. (sorry Anna!)

  • EJ and Prime Bear have random stuff in their refridgerator.

  • MizLise gave me a broke down raggedy ass battery charger (for the digi cam) that had to be nigga rigged for it would work.
  • Pics will be coming soon.

    It's hard easing back into regular everday life. Lounging is much easier. Today I had to have a session with Elmo which was quite easy since he was distracted with pics. Heh heh heh. What I look like sweatin and gruntin for an hour? Iown think so. He wants me to come to the gym 5 days a week. I think he has a mental disease. Okay....I wasn't gon' post this part BUT, Elmo finally showed me some skin. Woo lawd jeefus. Not exactly what I was expecting, but pleasing just the same. What a cute belly button! No I don't have pics so don't ask.

    22.July.2004    01:35 PM     Commments: 10

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    Bout time he showed SOMETHING or other! Next step is the schlongoid! w00t!

    posted by Vaseline Intenshun Jones | 07.22.04 01:40 PM


    can't wait to see those pics.

    posted by Lashundra | 07.22.04 04:56 PM


    Anna was just giving you some love! Go ahead and admit you enjoyed it. LOL

    I'll be watching out for the pics too.

    posted by Carla | 07.22.04 09:20 PM


    Everytime I bring up your site, Anna licks the screen. Can't wait to see you again, queen.

    posted by ej | 07.23.04 12:49 AM


    Speaking of pics, weren't you s'posed to e-mail me some? It was great having you down there, and we didn't even have to stab anyone!

    Now next time....

    posted by karsh | 07.23.04 12:04 PM


    I am happy you made it home safely... And I will be on the look out for those pics because I am quite nosy...

    posted by rocka | 07.23.04 02:54 PM


    We had a blast with you here. I won't tell nobody that you overloaded the water heaters and both them MF's went on strike on your last day, or that you and Karsh cleared out all the random stuff in the fridge, or that we left you at the piercing place in Lil 5 Pts so we could go home and pee and sleep, and that... oh wait, I'm not posed to say nuffin...

    posted by Mike (AKA Prime) | 07.23.04 09:16 PM


    im madd you scaldeded yoself? that read painful to me. nonetheless, sounds like you enjoyed ya trip.

    posted by tionne | 07.25.04 06:57 AM


    It was nice to finally get a chance to meet you. Looking forward to your next visit to the DIC.

    posted by wood | 07.27.04 04:09 PM


    Wood--look for me in the fall and expect another ghetto party. We fry the chicken, you bring the bootleg movies!

    posted by Queen Sexy ~SunRay~ | 07.27.04 05:35 PM


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