I finally finished that poem for Gramma. I had to hurry up and get it done, being that I aint goin to work tomorrow and I wanted to use the good printer and paper to make copies.

No Tears
Written by ~SunRay~

Quiet noise has turned into sterile silence.
It permeates your soul, trapping itself between your spirit and subconscious.
Your presence is felt, but not quite the same
I still smell you and hear your laughter.
Beautiful you were, I strive to emulate
But fall short.
Fed me. Loved me. Cherished me.
Gave all of you but asked for nothing in return.
I will not mourn you, but celebrate who you were
No apology
Itís time to set free
The spirit that was encased.
I send my love
To your final resting place.

Now on to IM Convo Day!

NOVA KAINE 3001: is that a yes? oh how I love you so
KiaSunRay: you know you givin me head for this
NOVA KAINE 3001: for $34?
KiaSunRay: bitch yeah
NOVA KAINE 3001: I'll play with your nipples
KiaSunRay: then i get to skeet on you
NOVA KAINE 3001: not in my eye bitch

thisizpoetry: ewww @ i sneezed on my shirt
KiaSunRay: ROFL!
KiaSunRay: snotty ass
KiaSunRay: encrusted booga shirt
KiaSunRay: LMAO @ ur crusty booga shirt
KiaSunRay: clean the crusty boogas off your shirt
thisizpoetry: lol it was a wet sneeeze fooooooooo
KiaSunRay: wet dries eventually
thisizpoetry: lol its dry
KiaSunRay: *dead*

NOVA KAINE 3001: please do, so the rest of us can point and laugh
KiaSunRay: *STAB*
NOVA KAINE 3001: *bleed*
KiaSunRay: *band aid*
NOVA KAINE 3001: you stab me and all i need is a bandaid?
NOVA KAINE 3001: dafuck?
KiaSunRay: bitch!
KiaSunRay: at least i tried

KiaSunRay: i juss saw a lady wiff a jheri curl!!!!
thisizpoetry: did you speak?
KiaSunRay: *dead*
thisizpoetry: could'a been jeefus
KiaSunRay: i hate you
thisizpoetry: LMSO
thisizpoetry: whyyyy!??!?!
KiaSunRay: jeefus does NOT have a jheri
KiaSunRay: him got an s curl
thisizpoetry: jeefus has whadeva he wanna have
thisizpoetry: NOT'A s curl!
thisizpoetry: *madd*

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The poem was beautiful... but you already knew that. Oh, and them IM's....*shakin head* Yall ain't got no sense what-so-eva!


BL, biatch! Just when you thought it was safe

posted by Cummille Le'Tease | 07.30.04 12:39 AM


Girrrllll....me is feeling that poem. Beautimous. Lovely. Perfect.

If Jeefus got an S-Curl that shit is dry as fuck! Cause you know I heard that nigga hair is like wool. Guess he ain't have no access to SoulGlo.

posted by Coochleby Brown (BL) | 07.30.04 03:57 AM


as i told you, the poem was great. surreal even. *taps ass* good job ma

hahahaha @ dry as fuck - no SoulGlo. and blu? who you to say we aint got no sense? refer to exhibit A (blu's joint) people.

*is glad lisa is alive* i thought some pink had come 'n gutted you for all our prejudice tomfoolery.

posted by Fuckelbe Jones (BL) | 07.30.04 10:58 AM


Your poem is beautiful! *smile*

You and n0va are too dayum funny!

posted by Carla | 07.30.04 12:51 PM


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