...all damn day. That's the greeting I received from my faithful Elmo when I walked in the gym this afternoon. Today I decided to break tradition and go to the gym because I wanted to, not cause I "had" to. Poor Elmo was all perplexed and whatnot. He'll be okay though. It's time for me to step up my game. This fat aint goin no where. Well it's goin real slow and I'm not pleased bout that. At. all. I'mma TRY to go everyday (Mon-Fri) and see if this process can be sped up just a little.

After a year of drought, I actually bought a pair of tennis shoes. I'm now in love with Nike Shox. How could I have gone through life without a pair of these? This is the most comfortable pair of Nikes I've ever owned. Not better than New Balance in the comfort department, but way more durable. Just when I was ready to give up on Nike.....

Why are tennis shoes so fuckin expensive? There's nothing under $80 that's worth looking at. The shit that was on sale was completely absurd. Why would I want a pair of lime green Nikes? Patchwork Chuck Tayolr's aint cool neither. I remember when I could get a hot pair of Nikes for $50! What the hell happened? If I had loot like that, I'd collect all styles of these Nike Shox, I love em that much.

Ladies, if your little D'Quandre is 11.5 months old and is just learning how to walk, please don't unleash that nigga in public spaces. I can promise he'll be riding my leg like a circus ride as I stride through and kick this lil nigga out of my way. Keep that shit at home! I know you all proud and stuff that your baby can walk, but let's keep mall traffic moving, okay? Can we agree on some shit?

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Now Tron, you know lil D is trying his damndest already to get out of yo way. Why you got ta be all violent?

posted by Lisa | 07.07.04 04:05 AM


Trying his damdest? Not when he's takin a quarter of a step per hour. I aint got time for that shit mang.

posted by Zimbabwe Jenkins | 07.07.04 09:01 AM


me too! went to da gym just for the heck of it! Didn't it feel great! And yesterday I discovered that I have muscles! Woohooo!!!!

Nike Shox...i asked myself the same q on Sat when I picked up a pair! Where have I been!? And why the hell are sneaks over $80! dead wrong!

Love the new layout btw!


posted by goldenbrown | 07.07.04 10:31 AM


I love those Shoxs too, I'm gonna do it it Ebay!

posted by Hopluv | 07.07.04 03:10 PM


The cost has kept me in my old sckool kicks for a minute... I love the new look.

Oooh... watch out for the babes!

posted by RenSistah | 07.07.04 04:46 PM


Gurl, you ain't lying about the ugly kicks always being on sale. Damn, broke people need love too!

posted by Laniza | 07.08.04 11:14 PM


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