CIA called a susta again cause they needed MORE info on my app. After the 5643216794764 forms they sent me last month, ya think they'd have enough info already. She proceeds to tell me that I should receive a letter in the next few weeks telling me when I should come in for my medical exam and polygraph. Gah. Why they always think a bitch is lyin? After that, they gon' start my background investigation. I'm fine with that; I'll have more time to get this credit situation in order.

Speaking of finances, I'm on my way to refinancing the house. After Chevy Chase (a local bank here) told me no, I decided to marinate on that for a minute. I was quite disappointed. I remembered a nice lady that gave me advice about home loans, so I called her up. Whoda thunk she'd have a part time job workin with some refinancing compay. I submitted my application today. I'm excited bout the possibilties. I can make some much needed repairs on my house and put a down payment on the other, to get into real estate investing like I've been wanting to.

Ya'll know I luh my Elmo. We just aint seeing eye to eye right now. He wants me to come in on Tues and Thurs to do cardio. Queen Sexy hates cardio. I prefer weights. Weights = fun. Cardio = not fun. Ya'll know he bitched me OUT for not comin yessaday?!? For 45 fuckin minutes I had to endure his yap about not showing up and "doin what ever I feel like it when I want to." I already tole his ass that's how I roll, so he caint say he didn't know.

Blacktice League name....LapLove Lohanson. Learn it, love it, respect it. One.

28.July.2004    07:56 PM     Commments: 4

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sorry to hear your grandmother passed may she r.i.p.

love the blacktice league name

posted by lashundra | 07.28.04 09:00 PM


Good luck with the refi...

Now, Elmo knows what he is talkin bout sistah.. I agree cardio ain't no fun, but it does have its benefit.. so get you but in thur and work it out aiigh!!

posted by Mike (AKA Prime) | 07.28.04 09:08 PM


hmph, you'd think since we're speakin' on current events, we'd hear about the last 2 days of bat meat intake. but aiight, whuaaaadeva. i already told you good luck on the refinance, but goodluck'again! (and again). LapLove i don't think i care too much for elmo cursin' bout cardio... but at least he aint got you on that no-carb bullshit. hmph.

posted by Fuckelbe Jones | 07.28.04 11:32 PM


you better put those shoxs to work girl!

posted by Hopluv | 07.29.04 08:34 PM


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