Yes indeedy I is. After my Nike Shox purchase, the funds got a bit low. Queen Sexy & Co still have to eat until next payday. While mulling over the (cheap) lunch choices in the area, I decide to head over to Lil' Mary, our faithful caterer to see what her bomb ass chef was putting down on the lunch buffet. Lemme tell ya'll sumfin: That white boy can cook his ass OFF. I would prostitute myself for a plate of his food. Yes indeedy I would. I get to the buffet and wander a bit more, not sure of what I wanted. Lil Mary's Husband calls me over and says, "Get what you want, it's on me, since I can't take you out for a Pina Colada." Word?!?!? Sheeeeeeit, aint gotta tell me twice. As we speak, I'm muching on spinach lasagne with carrots and ground chicken with a nice side of mixed fruit (watermelon, strawberries, blue berries and pineapple). The only thing that could make this day better would be an overturned armored truck.

Not sure what awakened my inner geek, but I've been on a lit-trit-chur kick lately. The Shakespeare Theatre has a bomb ass 2004-2005 season, starting with Macbeth, one of my favorites. I went and picked up the book over the weekend so I could refresh on the play. It's unfortunate I wasn't able to appreciate this in high school.

I'm really enjoying reading this (as difficult as the language is) and have come to the conclusion that Lady Macbeth is the original down ass chick:

Lady Macbeth, Act 1, Scene 5
Your hand, like your tongue; look like th' innocent flower,
But be the serpent under't. He that's coming
Must be provided for; and you shall put
This night's great business into my dispatch...
...To alter favoer ever is to fear.
Leave all the rest to me.

Tell me she aint a ryde or die chick! She straight plottin on niggas to have her man's back. That's some thorough ass shit. Murder, settin niggas up...this Shakespeare dude was way before his time. He musta lived in the hood.

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Shakespeare and niggas...who'd a thunk it?

posted by karsh | 07.08.04 02:54 PM


Fuckin nerd.

Last night after my session with Jack there was a disturbingly large wet area on the bed. I scrubbed at it mercilessly with my nutrag...

"Out damned spot!"

posted by Lisa | 07.08.04 04:40 PM


Lisa is such a slore!

posted by Zimbabwe Jenkins | 07.08.04 04:41 PM


Shakespeare's THE ghetto philosopher--you ain't know, you betta ask somebody, lol!

posted by Laniza | 07.08.04 11:07 PM


Thou dost confuseth me with thine fuckery.
What the fuck is homegirl saying?
I said it once and I'll say it again,
Shake 'N Bake ain't for me.

posted by Silky DuBois | 07.09.04 03:38 AM


Stratford-on-Avon was probably the hood where the gangstas live. You didn't know?

posted by ej | 07.09.04 06:46 AM


rotflmao @ lisa's nutrag she needs counseling.

i've never understood shakespeare maybe if they say it in ebonics i'd understand *lol*

posted by Lashundra | 07.09.04 04:50 PM


I'll break down the Shakespeare and make it hood for ya'll.

posted by Ebola Williams | 07.09.04 04:52 PM


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