Some shit has been getting on my nerves lately, and dammit, ya'll gon' hear bout it.

*STAB* *STAB* that muhfukka Kanye for starting that trend of the flipped up collar on polo shirts. I seriously hate him for that shit. Folks are rockin this shit like it actually looks good. Guess what, it don't.

*STAB* the old lady who stayed in the candle store for 3 fuckin hours. We practically had to push her out the damn door so we could close. Yes, I just stabbed an old lady. I'm an equal opportunity stabber.

*STAB* the cheap bitch that came in the candle store to use her gift card but didn't check the balance. She decided not to get a whole rack of shit because there was only $10 on the card. Cheap ass hoe.

*STAB* Elmo for being such a prude. Nigga take summa dem clothes off. Shit. What's the use of having muscles if nobody can see the muhfukkas????

*STAB* *STAB* *STAB* any bitch I see wearing a poncho. *STAB* any bitch that think ponchos are still cute. I officially hate ponchos and their billion colors. It's 800 degrees up here in DC. There's no logical reason to have on an extra layer of clothes.

*STAB* *STAB* elitist web designin muhfukkas. I'm really starting to loose my patience with ya'll.

*STAB* the nigga that tried to holla today after I told him I had a man. Of course I don't have a man, but that nigga needs to take rejection with a grain of salt. I already shut him down once before, why come back? Masochist.

*STAB* *STAB* Jay-Z for smoochin a broad AND for being ugly. If you gon' be ugly, the least you can do is be nice.

*STAB* *STAB* *STAB* *STAB* *STAB* the muhfukka that think his shit don't stink. You know, that nigga that knows all and can do no wrong. Get the fuck outta heah with that dumb shit. Refer to the nearest corner and go sit the fuck down.

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I saw this cute poncho in a catalog. I might have that shit FedEx and wear it for you when I come up there.

Kanye is a greasy faced swollen jaw bitch for starting that trend. *shank* *douse with acid*

Maybe Elmo has bitch tits. Ain't nothing worse than a muscular nigga with large ass nipples. Just something dead wrong bout that shit.

posted by Lisa | 07.14.04 10:51 PM


"*STAB* *STAB* elitist web designin muhfukkas. I'm really starting to loose my patience with ya'll. "


posted by Lisa | 07.14.04 10:53 PM


Stop stabbin people!! And leave that girl alone before she come outta that private joint and stab you!!!!


posted by Slim Hatey | 07.14.04 11:22 PM


Ya'll shole is violent up in here!

posted by Elle | 07.16.04 02:22 PM


bitch i was wearing a poncho when i met you. looked damn cute in it too if i might add. just for that, i will wear one to the next lunch meeting. i hate you hate you hate you! HATER!

posted by Lise | 07.18.04 12:42 AM


Dang, I feel like I havta put on my jeans, scarf my hair, and get my vaseline in order to comment on this post!

In any case, after such a rocky start, i'm glad you had a good berfday with King Sexy. I'm really happy that you found someone special!

Now are you gonna burn a few copies of those cd's and send 'em my way?

posted by Cheryl | 07.20.04 10:52 AM


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