I arrived Thursday nite as a surprise for King Sexy's berfday. Surprised he was. Let's give a recap of my horendus flight.

Friday, 4:15 PM
I arrived at Reagan National Airport to meet up with MizLise. We had lunch at Friday's and had the slowest waiter on Earth. He just....played to gotdamn much. I was trynna leave ASAP being that I had to walk through a time warp tunnel to get to the other terminal, which used to be the main terminal several years ago. I had to go the serving area to ask homeboy to bring the check. Shit, I aint have time to be waiting on his ass. A bitch had a plane to catch.

After walking 7956926608 miles to get to the terminal, I stand in line for another 5 minutes waiting for some confused dude to get his boarding pass. I get to the counter and the fuckin cust serv rep gon' tell me "We have a cut off time of 5:30 for check in. I already called for the last baggage pick up. You're chances of getting on this flight are slim" **GASP** goes Queen Sexy cause he just said the wrong words to me. He saw me standing in line behind that dude. He could've held the bagagge pickup dudes. If I'm standing in line at your counter, chances are, you ass fucker, I want to board a flight on your airline. After he tells me I would have to take a flight the next morning from an airport that's much farther out, I less than kindly let him know that I paid for a ticket on that flight and there should be a seat for me. Of course it was requested that he call to find out. Guess what? There was a seat specially for Queen Sexy. I fuckin thought so. I'd hate to have to shank somebody.

My first day in ATL got off to a rocky start. This pissed me off severly. I can't stand for a person to tell me they're going to do something, then conviently fall off the face of the Earth. Don't do that ignorant shit. If you can't or don't want to do something, just say that shit. I certainly don't appreciate having my time wasted.

King Sexy picked up the slack and we went to Little Five Points, a funky sorta bohemian like part of ATL where the artsy people dwell. Of course I loved it. We went to a bazaar with a black vibe and picked up some cds. Having options is good. Having too many options is detrimental to my bank account. The CD Man had all types off good neosoul. I couldn't focus on one disk for several others catching my eye at the same time. Talk about sensory overload. I moved to the next stand, also run by The CD Man to pick up some fruity smelling oils (Lick Me Mango, Eat Me Raw, Wet Kisses) and a bar of 3 n 1 (shea, mango, cocoa) butter soap. I have to get back to that plae. I'm in love. We had lunch at a cute place called Vortex, some sort of burgers and fries place. Next we head out to see I, Robot, which was okay by my standards. Had some funny parts, some dead parts and decent action scenes. To end the evening, we headed to a swanky Italian dessert joint for coffee and cake. This made of for the fuckery that was my morning. I think I enjoyed King Sexy's berfday more than he did.

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kia: "what is taking this food so long??"

waiter: "you know we aint got no kitchen up here... just a dumbwaiter"

lise: "so, what's his name?"

waiter: "what?"

lise: "nevermind..."

posted by Lise | 07.18.04 12:39 AM


i love that cd man in little five points. enjoy the ATL.

posted by lynne | 07.18.04 01:07 AM


Girl, how could he not know HE was the dumb waiter? UGH. It's so funny how he was scared to holla at me cause I was with you...SROFL!

posted by ~SunRay~ | 07.18.04 08:28 AM


i'm glad your time in atl turned out better than mine. i hated it.

posted by Enigma | 07.20.04 12:39 AM


Ohhh...now I see what I did wrong. I commented on the last post instead of here where I should have regarding your trip. That's how I got caught up in all the violence. My bad.

posted by Cheryl | 07.20.04 10:56 AM


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