Note: Thanks for all the kind words and warm wishes. Everday Struggle is real.

Back to my regularly scheduled ranting.

Yessaday I went out with the Sour Puss and MizLise

When this lunch date was planned, the intention was not to celebrate nOva, but just to get some free food and have face to face conversation. That quickly morfed into our initial meeting spot being changed from Uno's to TGI Friday's, which I don't like a whole lot. Not familiar with the downtown location (eventhough I've seen it) I ask Lise for directions, since she's been there and should know where it is. I get in the general area of where Friday's SHOULD be, and guess what...MizLise done pulled a Rocka and sent my ass to a place that don't even exist. Talk about Fired. Up. I was one upset hongry bitch. Add heat and a backpack to the mix and I'm ready to chew on somebody's arm.

After some wandering and a bit of bickering, we ended up at Uno's where we belonged in the first place. I'm happy to be in my favorite restaurant until we get the Waiter from Hell. This dude was completely dumb. He had to be ADD or sumfin. He never paid us any mind and needed to be beckond to every time we had a request. He fucked up nOva's Raspberry Iced Tee so badly he head to get a manager. He had to be flagged down so we could get an appetizer. During the appetizer he didn't come back to take our order for the main course. We crushed that appetizer and neatly stacked the plates and bones before he returned to take our order and that didn't happen until the manager interviened. He got Lise's order all wrong and fucked up the drink refill, bringing me an Iced Tea instead of a plain cup of water. I hate Iced Tea. His attitude was pure lackadaisical. He really irritated me. Five bucks was taken off our bill, but eh, he still sucked gargantuan horse dick.

If you're one of my regular readers, you'd know I'd been having a hard time lately and received an unexpected gift. I got a gift for nOva's berfday. Aint that the bomb and some stuff? MizLise was afraid I'd use gramma's rosary so she bought me my own set of... ANAL BEADS! Said beads are accompanied by three samples of flavored lube. Aint Lise speshull?

After we escaped the Waiter from Hell, we skipped on over to Haagen-Daz for some super beautimous ice cream. I thought I died and orgasmed on myself. I haven't had a slurp of ice cream in months (my favorite treat of all time) and it felt climatic to sip on a chocolate shake with an extra shot of chocolate syup. Forget dick. Somebody get me a Haagen Daz gift certificate. Be a friend. The gas we had afterward wasnt so friendly though...gotdamn!

We dragged nOva over to Lane Bryant, a store he dispises cause he know once he goes in, he'll never again see the light of day. Most of the clearance stuff was gone (to my disappointment) and they were putting out fall merchandise. I'm not ready for fall! This is around the time where I'm just getting into summer. Retail, slow down already.

We head over to the clearance table with all the on sale pannies. Ladies, if your ass happens to be 26/28, (ie, big as hayle) there's no good reason for you to showcase that ass with a thong. OMG, that's just not...nice. Cut it out. Them lazy heffas didn't even separate the different styles of underwear. I kept encountering thongs and g-strings while in pursuit of my high cut briefs. Why bauver with sexy drawls when you just gon' take em off anyway? It's much simpler and more economical to go without.

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u sure it was the shake and not the anal beads?

retail def needs to slow down. snow on the ground and they have bikinis in the window. heatwave going on and they're showing high neck sweaters and jackets. that doesn't even make any damn sense. i don't like lb's panties; they're cheaply sewn and cost too much. you wash them once or twice and the material starts seperating from the edge. my sister sews hers; i ain't got that kinda time.

posted by Enigma | 07.03.04 09:21 PM


tha hell? did u just change the font color to your post? if not there is a big dif between firefox and iex. i was just ckg to see if there was because in firefox i have to highlight your posts to read them. very odd.

posted by Enigma | 07.03.04 09:27 PM


As for the tech specs of the site, you'll have to run it by nOva, he takes care of all that. I just supply the content.

posted by Queen Sexy | 07.03.04 10:30 PM


dont be grouping us all together in that flatulence foolishness. i think i am the only black person in america who is NOT lactose intolerent. my lil bitty $746430323 scoop of hagen daaz did me just fine.

we have to go out again, and next time i promise to take you to an existent eating establishment.

and i so LURVE my new bra and pannies... they purdy. i gotta save them for a special day. matching underwears give me a big ass confidence boost. and you never know when people are gonna decide to stop frontin...

posted by Lise | 07.04.04 02:43 PM


Now I've heard of people shittin themselves when they pass away...but cumming? Leave it to yo nasty ass!

Sexy draws are eye candy for them and shexual purposes for me. Hell, how can I NOT think about getting bent over when there's a strip of fabric firmly nestled in my ass crack?? Hell just tryin to fish them out of all this flesh is foreplay!

posted by Lisa | 07.04.04 03:30 PM


What the fuck do you mean the original intention was not to celebrate me? You have supremely fucked up with that admission. Wait 'til your birthday get here. We're gonna go out, but not with the intent to celebrate you. WTF?!

posted by Kwame Omarosa | 07.04.04 05:00 PM


Kwame, stop bein so fuckin dramatic all the damn time. When this was first brought to me, as far as I know, it had nothing to do with you.

posted by Queen Sexy | 07.04.04 08:21 PM


rotflmbfbao @ lisa!!!

posted by ~*~CollegeSusta~*~ | 07.04.04 10:17 PM


i smell yalls gas up in here *lol* girl i still prefer to have a 12 inch or more dick with some hagen daz on it ;).

k are you going to take me for a berfday breakfast/lunch/dinner on the 28th of jul?

oh yea have you used the beads yet?

posted by Lashundra | 07.06.04 03:03 PM


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