Race Relations
KiaSunRay: isn't lionel ritchie black?
MES1967: * STAB *
KiaSunRay: is that a no?
KiaSunRay: now does he have a jheri curl
KiaSunRay: or is that how his shit posed to look?
MES1967: I am NOT listening to you
MES1967: * covers ears and says wah wah wah wah *
KiaSunRay: prime bear!
KiaSunRay: i'm on the phone debating with my mom about his hair
MES1967: OMG
MES1967: well, lets see
KiaSunRay: she says it's a texturizer
KiaSunRay: it look like a jheri to mee
MES1967: but maybe he turned white after his first wife tossed them grits in his face
KiaSunRay: that was al green!
MES1967: oh
MES1967: that's right
MES1967: Lionel's wife just beat his ass an inch from death
MES1967: violent ass sistahs
KiaSunRay: i'd beat his ass too
KiaSunRay: if i caught him with some broad
MES1967: a grey babe at that
KiaSunRay: ooooooh no
KiaSunRay: *shank*

twnkee24: you got nekkid pics
KiaSunRay: of what?
twnkee24: of a fuckin raccoon!
twnkee24: shit
KiaSunRay: racoons are covered in fur
KiaSunRay: i'd have to shave it
twnkee24: they still got cunts
twnkee24: and wangs right?
KiaSunRay: i guess
KiaSunRay: i've never looked
KiaSunRay: maybe i'll ask one

Feed nOva
NOVA KAINE 3001: Mack rolled up in here with 2 big ass bags on m&ms
NOVA KAINE 3001: Hulk.... must..... have.....
KiaSunRay: *dead*
KiaSunRay: not on m&ms!
KiaSunRay: *dead*
KiaSunRay: that's why ya'll niggas caint keep no food
NOVA KAINE 3001: sheeeeit
KiaSunRay: you eat like a growin boy...and yo ass aint growin!
NOVA KAINE 3001: you know what, trick?
KiaSunRay: no bitch
KiaSunRay: i don't know what
KiaSunRay: never met his ass

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LMAO@ hot grits. Po' Al.

posted by Coochleby Brown (BL) | 08.11.04 09:26 PM


lmso @ a grey babe. ahahahhaha. ??? nekkkied coons? whas' that about?

posted by Fuckelbe Jones (BL) | 08.11.04 09:29 PM


*Crying* ..........*picking my azz up off da flo* LMAO

posted by Carla | 08.11.04 11:29 PM


*Mad yall put racoons and nekkidness in the same convo*

posted by Cummille Dickticia Le'Tease (BL) | 08.12.04 06:05 AM


Why ya'll still getting Lionel Richie and Al Green mixed up!!!! *STAB*

posted by Lickonia Areola Clinton (BL) | 08.12.04 01:20 PM


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