My day started at 4:17 AM, 17 minutes behind schedule. I had to get myself together and out the door by 5. I did okay and left at 5:05.

After getting lost a little bit, I found my way to the medical building where I had to have my pee and blood test. We had a briefing bout some random stuff and I'd prolly remember what was said if I'd been paying attention.

The polygraph aint nearly as scary as I thought it would be. Ain't no big burly interrogator with coffee stains on his shirt. Ain't no dank, dark room. The Blonde Guy was actually pleasant and offered a box of tissues for my snotty nose. Yes, leave it to me to catch a cold three days before I took my polygraph, and today it was showin out!

I was coughin and a sneezin. After my test was over, The Blonde Guy said he was gon' take it to Quality Control and have it assesed. When he came back to check on me the first time, I was sleep. When he came back to check on me a second time, I was sleepin some mo'. So! He shouldn'ta took so long. They as a team (I'm guessing) decided I was too sick to finish the polygraph and it ended right there. He told me to reschedule when my cold was gone, because it was affecting the results and he wanted to be fair. Fair enough. BUT, what I think is gon' go down is I'll be retested. They gon' ask me the same shit, worded differently. Then they gon' compare the two readings to determine if I was lyin or not. I already tole they asses I aint fucked nobody in Al Qaeda. What more they want?!?!?

I was feeling kinda fucked up for the rest of the afternooon, cause I desperately want this shit to be over and done with. I the situation I'm in, I need a job, like soon. So having to wait weeks to retake that test, I aint feelin.

Tomorrow I gotta go back for the psychiatric evaluation. Fun.

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sorry you had to go thru all dat just to have to come back! ugh. hope you feel better soon. take some theraflu. seems to work for me.


posted by goldenbrown | 08.31.04 12:57 PM


hope you feel better soon. and why are you getting a psych eval you don't need that *shakes head*

girl i saw 213 'groupie luv' video i had asked a few peeps how was the cd and they said it was some slaw so i still don't know but you are absolutely correct about the video having some standard video hoes, he could have asked me to be in that damn video.

take care and get well soon.

posted by Lashundra | 08.31.04 05:15 PM


I hope you feel better soon. I'm sure you're right about them wanting to re-test you again just to see if you lied about something. Overall, I wish you the best at getting through it all.

posted by Carla | 08.31.04 06:35 PM


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