August 05, 2004


As I type this, I'm working on my second Chocolate Eclair of the morning. Since they just chillin in the freezer, I'm making it my business to eat the entire box before I vacate this muhfukka. Last date of employment stil undetermined.

Fukka diet. I'm in the mood to eat whatever I damn well choose and there's nothing Elmo can do or say about it. He can beg, holla, scream, dicatate, tootsie roll till his heart's content. It's all about me right now. You know what, I think I'll finish off that box of eclairs today, just because I can.

I'm too tired to go into detail bout this situation, just know I'm getting the royal shaft without lubrication. For real. Yessaday I went to HR Lady, as I always do when I have a complaint, and she's on it. Ya'll know they talkin no severence pay? Fuck the dumb shit. I'm going to be compensated for my troubles. Should I be greatful that I have longer than two weeks before I'm booted out? pfft.

I'm not too mad, nor do I plan to fight this with vem and vigor. This chapter of my life has closed and it's time to embark on a new one. Maybe I'm posed to be at the CIA during the next phase of my life. I must've learned all I need to at this point and I'm ready to evolve into something else. Everytime change manifests itself, it's always something drastic. I can manage this and I'm going to be okay. That's what I'm allowing myself to believe.

Posted by ~SunRay~ at August 5, 2004 09:23 AM

you never know whas' gonna happen ma. so much for wishin'? but nonetheless, it could very well be that you are ready for the "next phase" and the CIA lineup situation is right intact. better to believe somethin' than nothin' at all.

Posted by: Fuckelbe Jones (BL) at August 5, 2004 11:10 AM

Sunray, I am so sorry to hear about the job situation, but I know exactly what u going thru.... I been laid off twice (and I worked in HR).

Just keep your head up, and stay positive and things will work themselves out... or that's what I tell myself.

Posted by: rocka at August 5, 2004 11:15 AM

Man, save a bitch an eclair! Selfish ass.

Posted by: Coochleby Brown (BL) at August 5, 2004 01:15 PM

Him sound cute. *funny* Where does the cuteness lie? in sexy undertones? Did he use sexy words? Does he have a deep smooth voice? I need details, girl!

Posted by: Boogie at August 7, 2004 04:11 PM