Those Fed dudes started my investigation this week. Yesterday I received a message to call to set up a time for them to come talk to me and today we decided on next Thursday at 10 AM. He wants to talk to Boss Lady, Groovy and HR Lady. After he's done with them, he's gonna ask me a buncha shit he prolly already know. Homeboy didn't sound too pleased that they wanted to him to have the investigation completed within a week.

I talked to RMiller this morning and he says I have nothing to worry about. Cause they spending all this time and money on me, I'm already hired. He's more excited than I am. I am excited at the thought of having career options. (and getting a raise every 6 months for the 1st two years.) I'll just be glad when this long drawn out process is over. A susta need a job.

In other news, Granpa turned 80 yesterday. There was a small party for him last nite, which was over by the time I got there, dammit. The house is quiet now, empty even. He sure is missing Gramma a lot. They are preparing to clean out her room cause he wants my mom to move in. Mother really doesn't want to, but she's gonna do it anyway cause she feels obligated. Shit. If I was 56 I wouldn't wanna live with my daddy neither. He needs her though, and she knows this. Least she won't have to pay rent, therefore, leaving her with more money to pay my bills. Guess this situation works for erebody.

Being in that house now is difficult, cause I still expect to see gramma coming down the stairs, or sitting in the kitchen. The kids are still curious about death and ask granpa lost of questions, including what's gonna happen when he dies. He was very candid with them and I appreciate that. I don't think I'd given the explaination of how creamation works, cause that kinda upset my daughter. Gramma's death has been so hard for her. As far as I can tell, she's dealing with it okay. Nothing besides random moments of sadness, which I've been expecting.

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*still got good hopes for the position*


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