This morning I had the misfortune of catching MTV Jams. What jackass came up with the concept for these dumb ass musical movies?

213- "Groupie Luv"
Snoop dogg n' nem niggas. This video actually kinda funny. Each of em got a groupie chick that's after em: a fat chick, a nerd chick and some broad with jagged teef. I'm sayin, why the fat chick gotta be pullin treats n shit outta her pockets? Snoop n' nem even turn around and offer a booty shake. Bout time niggas shake some ass. Video contains standard video hoes.

Lil' Scrappy- "No Prollem"
At the begining of this video, Lil Scrappy is just waking up. He rolls over and looks at the clock. At first, judging by his tiddies, I thought he was Nas. So! They got the same big ole bitties. Anyhoo, I'm annoyed that this video reinacts one of my favorite movies, Training Day. Lil' Jon flyin monkey lookin ass aint no Denzel and Scrappy Doo sure as hell aint no Ethan Hawke. Don't Snoop Dogg get tired of playin that damn handicapped dope slangin nigga? He can't even roll the wheel chair right. Ole frail ass nigga.

MC Hammer
Have no idea what this song is called, and frankly, I don't care. All I know is Hammer babblin bout some stuff. He did a lil dance or two, nothing major. Hammer's a lil older now and a bit slower. Okay, a lot slower. For what reason did he have a bandana tied around his head? Ain't he posed to be a minister or sumfin?

New Edition- "Hot 2 Nite"
My boys are back! The lyrics aren't that inneresting, but it's a cute lil song none the less. They're good innertainers. I liked the dance sequence in the parking lot scene. Sorta reminds me of a river dance.

Ronnie-- Haven't quite figured out his purpose.
Ricky- That nigga still ugly. He shouldn'ta had so much camera time.
Ralph- His femine gestures concern me. I was expecting him to break out and vogue.
Mike- That nigga still aint growed none. It's likely he wears stilletos.
Johnny- I refuse to believe he's gay.
Bobby- Glad that bothersome nigga aint around.

These niggas wearin all black and leather trench coats. Why chicks prancin around in bras?

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I guess I'll meet you in HELL for this post. *dead* @ Nas's chesticles! Bout time someone acknowledged that shit. Everyone think he so cute and shit, but he got some thick-ass flapjacks on his chest and ain't nobody sayin' shit about it!

Mad that McHammertoe is still making music. Did you know Rodney King is working on a hip-hop album? It's a fucking free-for-all in the music industry, I swear.

I love the new N.E. song!! Ricky look like one of them pug pitbull dogs. And yes, along with being the posterboy for Crisco, Johnny Gill is quite sissified. Make more sense for him to be gay rather than Ralph, since Johnny can actually sing. And if Bobby was involved, Ricky wouldn't have gotten so much screentime. You know how gangsta Bobby is.

posted by Lickonia Areola Clinton (BL) | 08.29.04 01:06 AM


Nova said to stop by and wish you a Happy Birthday, so Happy Birthday! My hubby and daughters birthdays are this weekend also.

Enjoy your year!

posted by Cheryl | 08.29.04 11:52 AM


*blank stare* LMSO

posted by Fuckelbe Jones (BL) | 08.30.04 12:38 PM


Johnny Gill is gay?!?!?!? did i miss the memo? i aint see him at the annual BBQ... when did that happen?

posted by Lise | 08.30.04 02:36 PM


What?!?! You ain't know Johnny and Wayne Brady had a thang going on after he had my love child? *dead*

posted by Johnny Gill's Ex-Wife | 08.30.04 09:34 PM


I luvvvvv the new NE song and video too.. That joint is on fire.. (damn ronnie is still fine as hell)

posted by Pam - Reddy | 08.31.04 12:11 AM


Imma stabe NE for coming back in such an untimely manner. Fuckers.

posted by Coochleby Brown (BL) | 08.31.04 01:01 AM


"Ralph- His femine gestures concern me. I was expecting him to break out and vogue."

girl.....don't make me have to cut you. ralph is the shiznit - he is mr. sensitivity girl...don't hate :0)

posted by girlwonder | 08.31.04 12:58 PM


LOL "Liil' Jon flyin monkey lookin azz". Everytime I hear or see him now, I'm going to think about what you said.

I didn't know MC Hamma had a video. I must say that it isn't one I'm anxious to see.

posted by Carla | 08.31.04 06:32 PM


You know, now that I've actually LOOKED at him (cuz I've been avoiding it), Lil' John reminds me of one o dem monkeys from the wiz. *Don'tchu bring me no bad news!*

posted by Monkie | 09.01.04 07:35 AM


To all that say Johnny is GAY, YALL!!! Are as sick as they come, Don't talk about what the hell you don't know about.

posted by GUESS WHO???? | 09.17.04 02:08 AM


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