I woke up on Sunday morning with an objective: to pay all those damn bills that have accumulated on my desk/dvd player/dining room table. I sent my daughter to collect all the bills. Oh, can't forget the ones in the bathroom. How would she know which mail would be bills? Cause they all unopened. Hell I need to open em fo'?

I check my bank balance which, thankfully, was looking heathly for the moment. I divided the bills into three stacks: Past Due, Pay Half, and Pay Later. Those Past Due ones get right pesky with people calling the house and whatnot. On Sunday no less. Even He rests on the seventh day, why can't these collectors honor that? The Pay Half are on the verge of being Past Due, but the creditor don't care too much long as they get something. Aren't they just gracious? Pay Later is just that: paying later. Like, buying food is more important than paying these people. I'm sure they'll understand.

Now what I'm not understanding is why these folks aint takin the money I done sent them? All of this was paid online so there's no waiting for the mail. There's no thinking I done sent a fake check. What gives? I've been harrassed for who knows how long to send a payment; I send it, they don't take it. There's something wrong with this process.

After this tedious process was laid to rest, I trollop over to the grocery sto' to fill my house with unnecessary, tasty treats necesssities so I don't have to prostitue myself for bologna.

Moving on.

Ya'll won't believe what I did yesterday. The Ex decides he wants to give me a call at work.

Me: Good Afternoon [instert business name here], How may I help you?
Him: May I speak to ~SunRay~?
Me: She's not here right now. Would you like to leave a message?
Him: Can you tell her The Ex called?
Me: Sure

*hangs up phone and laughs maniacally*

How many times do I have to ignore his messages for him to get the notion that it's quite possible I have no interest in him. I don't go out of my way to speak to him and I damn sure don't want him in my house. Niggas I tell ya. They never learn.

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Somehow, I'm picturing an organ chord and thunder and lightning when you misled The Ex like that. Sheer brilliance.

And you still ain't shit.

posted by karsh | 09.28.04 09:56 AM


Lawd... just tell him to go away. Some of them are not bright enough to know what your intentions are.. he might just think you playing hard to get.

Damn love games!! PFT!!

posted by Prime | 09.28.04 10:03 AM


ha ha ha @ prostitute yourself for bologna.. girl you could at least do it for some boneless skinless chicken breasts.. lawd knows they cost a fortune these dayz..

posted by Pam - Reddy | 09.28.04 04:46 PM


It annoys me to no end when bill collectors don't take their money!!!! It's like you gotta wave that shit in front of their faces or something, lol!

posted by Laniza | 09.29.04 11:40 AM


your bill piles are like mine but when i pay mine online they take the money and i don't have a problem, heck sometimes i be hoping they don't get the payment. we'll forever have bills girl i just pay what i can 'cause i too agree light, water, air/heat, food come first no matter what.

do you need me to shoot your ex he just don't get it do he, maybe he thinks there is a chance for you and him, better yet take a stick of bolonga and beat his head maybe he'll realize you don't wont' him.

have a great weekend!

posted by Lashundra | 10.01.04 09:46 AM


yeah i never understood that shit either...they call for arrangements for payment, then take their fucking sweet time like you are just rich and shit and you dont have shit to do on your end. i dont think that shit is fair, not one bit :(.

you know men are dense, so...you might have to tell him straight up and give him the bidness....

posted by kc | 10.01.04 12:24 PM


Your bills situation sounds like the shit I'm goin' through. And a nigga still looking fo' a job to get the Past Due shit paid off.

At least ya got a job with the CIA, and you know they betta be payin' top dolla! -at least I hope they is. Shit, maybe I'll apply for a gub'ment job.

Peace girl.

posted by Yukmouth | 10.01.04 03:53 PM


I come over here and you ain't updated since last millenium?!??! Biiiiitch!

Iown know why the cawks don't take yo money right away. That shit ain't right. Have a mf eyeing that bank balance...tempted as hell to do some fuckery.

posted by Lisa | 10.06.04 12:35 PM


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