It's still the 1st of the munf in my hood and still not quite safe to go out. See here, I know that it aint the 1st numerically, but in the hood, the 1st aint over till like the 15th. Lemme splain.

In DC, the checks come out the 1st-5th. The following week, food stamps come out. Now what day you revceive your check and stamps depends on what your last name is and you're fucked if your last name is some shit like Zlobotnik.

I'm in the grocery store, tired as hell from working earlier and taking my son to get a hair cut. My eyes are blury. A little lite skindeded boy in a yellow shirt runs by. Tired and frustrated, I say, "Didn't I tell you to stay put?!?!" When my eyes come back into focus, I notice this boy is a little tall to be my son. A take a good look at him and realize this boy look too dirty to be my son. It hits me: this boy aint my son. I done yelled at somebody else's kid in the middle of the grocery store. Well I'll be damned. So! He shouldn'ta been runnin anyway.

I've spent 3 damn days taking my braids out. That shit was excruciating. It's likely I woulda got finished a lot faster if I didn't keep stopping to take a nap. This head of hair is manual labor for real. Leeser is giving me tips on how to care for it since most of my hair is natural. That whole combing thing isn't working out too swell. I'm very happy with the 4 inches (or so) of new growth I have. It's very pretty and healthy looking, unlike my processed ends. Can't wait to cut that off.

For the last couple of months, I've been comtemplating locing my hair. :/ I know it's gonna be a difficult process being that new locs really arent that cute. I've been wearing my hair braided for the last 4 years and I can't function with out them. In my mind, the next natural step would be locs. I'm concerned about my hair being a hindrance to me getting the job(s) that I want. This is a very serious concern since we all know Chez Whitey don't take too kindly to anything that's too ethnic. I'm also convinced this is one of the reasons I'm not being hired.

Today while I was at home fighting with these braids, I came across the Montel Williams Show. I usually don't watch him cause I don't particularly like him, but the show was interesting today. The topic was "Children Left Home Alone". There were about three women who came to tell their story of why they leave their children home and why they have no other choice. To be fair, Montel had other people on the show to refute this and explain their view as to why it's never okay to leave kids at home unsupervised.

It's a big risk. A huge risk with the ultimate consequence of the children being discovered alone and having the Sheriff come take em down to Social Services to have them placed on foster care. I'm annoyed with the attitude of two of the (white) men that were in the audience. While they maintained that they would never leave kids alone under any circumstance, they didn't have any viable solutions for these women. They didn't know what to do. What's the point of opening your mouth if you have nothing productive to say? If a having a relative or friend watch the kids while the mothers were at work, wouldn't they do that? If there were savings to use to pay for child care, wouldn't these mother utilze that option as well? Thinking before you speak should be the rule, not the option.

13.September.2004    04:51 PM    

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