MES1967: why they plumber call to say he ain't comin
KiaSunRay: what i tell you!
KiaSunRay: they aint shit
KiaSunRay: write a letter and say it was racism
KiaSunRay: like i did sears
MES1967: He shit pipe camera is broken so he can't do nuffin till its fixed
KiaSunRay: he a professional and aint got a spare?
KiaSunRay: don't he have some plumber friends?
MES1967: LOL
KiaSunRay: i know he do
KiaSunRay: them niggas run in cliques
KiaSunRay: lemme call his ass
KiaSunRay: i'll fire up a contractor in a minute
MES1967: LOL
KiaSunRay: sheeeeeit don't get me started
KiaSunRay: "you mean to tell me you're a professional and don't have a backup?"
KiaSunRay: i know you know how to be irate
MES1967: This is the dude who was runnin across the lawn nakid.. cuz he let the sewer pump turn on while he had the pipe disconnected and got sprayed with shitty water
KiaSunRay: *K I L T*
KiaSunRay: ROFL
KiaSunRay: this nigga plain dumb
MES1967: white boy
MES1967: country boy named Justin
KiaSunRay: inbred bastid
MES1967: he knows our shit reall well.. LOL
KiaSunRay: lmbao
KiaSunRay: you nasty
KiaSunRay: lol
MES1967: hell, he's been out there four times.. each time it was related to the sewer
MES1967: the only other time they came out was to fix a sprinkler pipe, but they sent someone else
KiaSunRay: four times
KiaSunRay: ya'll shitty
KiaSunRay: ya'll shit so heavy it can't be carried to the sewer
MES1967: its only afta LADIES visit
MES1967: ionknow what yall be putting in da drains
KiaSunRay: sure blame the women
MES1967: flushing them "feminine" products
KiaSunRay: then your sewer line is sexist
MES1967: hello? Its GAY
KiaSunRay: ROFL
KiaSunRay: then it should be used to having shit in its pipe
MES1967: * RIP *
KiaSunRay: lol
KiaSunRay: ROFL
KiaSunRay: LOL
KiaSunRay: i just axed ej who dropped a log big enough to break the sewer line
KiaSunRay: ejflavors: ROTFLMBAO
MES1967: you ain't shit
KiaSunRay: so!
MES1967: you going to hell

KiaSunRay: more than likely
MES1967: Cool, see you there
KiaSunRay: ROFL
MES1967: we gonna have a penthouse
KiaSunRay: hell yeah
KiaSunRay: for our ghetto parties
MES1967: BBQ everyday.. since the fire will be free
MES1967: wouldn't that be some shit.. they charge for FIRE in hell
MES1967: "Damn, who didn't pay the FIRE bill? "
KiaSunRay: ROFL
KiaSunRay: our fire get cut off!
KiaSunRay: that's real black
MES1967: OK!!
KiaSunRay: aint that some shit
MES1967: Bootleggin Fire
KiaSunRay: borrowin from the neighbors and whatnot
KiaSunRay: they all irish n shit
MES1967: the rich folks would have back up Fire
KiaSunRay: that's smart
MES1967: be a LONG ass line at the Fire Company on the 1st of the month
KiaSunRay: no bullshit
KiaSunRay: callin for discount fire assistance
MES1967: * DEAD *
KiaSunRay: you know how black folk like to get hooked up
MES1967: "Lil Tawana got the ICE.. She can't be without FIRE"
KiaSunRay: LOL
KiaSunRay: having "get my fire cut on" parties
KiaSunRay: chargin 10 at the door
KiaSunRay: we aint shit
MES1967: that's why we going to hell
KiaSunRay: our spot in hell has been offically reserved
KiaSunRay: do we get buffalo wings too
KiaSunRay: ROFL
KiaSunRay: that's what i'm tombout

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Both of y'all ain't shit...and I love it!

posted by karsh | 09.24.04 02:24 PM


yall are sick!!!!!!!!
rotflmbfbao :o)~

posted by ~*~CollegeSusta~*~ | 09.25.04 01:51 PM


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