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Everybody's talking all this stuff about me
Why don't they just let me live?
I don't need permission, make my own decisions
That's my prerogative

(The Britney Spears version sucks ass. Bobby should slap the shit outta her just like he did Whitney.)

EvilAsianX and Blonde Wonderwant to get together for dinner tonite. Why? To discuss my life, my choices and what I do and do not want.

Some of you know I'm 10 weeks pregnant. Some of you don't. I'm not excited bout this. I see it as a setback that needs to be dealt with. Others have different feelings. That doesn't particularly matter to me. I was unaware that my life and my decisions and what I choose to do with my unborn child was up for group discussion.

Pro-lifers, I don't knock you. I'm pro-choice, therefore I do as I see fit. Nobody is gonna tell me what to do with MY body. Period.

Details of dinner convo shall follow...

I showed up and we had to wait for EvilAsianX, as always. Lemme tell you, a hungry EvilAsian is a cranky EvilAsian.

Anyway, what this all boils down to is their pro-life stance and what they feel I should do with my life, my body and my child. They knew before they even sat down that I'd already made up my mind. I've made my decision. I don't see this "dinner" as an invervention for me, but as a way for them to clear their own conscience and spew their moralistic beliefs. I am not you. Your life is not my own. They're concerned about the fact that I'm not showing any emotion. I'm not an overly emotional person. I guess they'd be more comforted if I were crying and repenting along the way. I'm dealing with this in the manner that's most comfortable for me; I wasn't aware that it would be necessary to defend my choices for any reason. I do as I see fit and no one can stop me. This nigga don't wanna give me any money, fine. They don't want to give me a ride, fine. I'll make my own way which I've grown accustomed to doing. For these reasons, I don't ask anyone for help. I suspected some shit like this, that's why I put some money up. I was told that I'm selfish. I'll be that and some extra shit. This selfless thing has gotten real old and frankly, there's no one more important than me right now.

They won't be hearing from me for a hot minute. There's nothing to say. This way they can keep their good Catholic consciences clear. God bless em both.

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Let me be the first to say congrats... If they are in order. Your a smart girl, I am sure you will make the right decisions. I will be keepin you in my prayers...

posted by rocka | 10.06.04 05:20 PM


I agree with rocka... whatever you decide will be the best decision FOR YOU.

posted by Laniza | 10.06.04 07:46 PM


Man that used to be my song! *dancing like Bobby in that Every Little Step video*

As for that other sitch, let me be real gutter and say, "Mane, fuck dem hoes." Let them walk in your path and see how damn quick those tunes change.

posted by Lisa | 10.06.04 10:39 PM


OK now there needs to be a post on who how and why this happened :) . We all know you'll make the right decission but we really need to talk about the how this happened hehe.l

posted by william | 10.06.04 11:39 PM


what they said. i'm down with that, qs.

posted by ej | 10.07.04 05:07 AM


all i got to say is....that nigga set me up.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 10.07.04 07:28 AM


he set u up on the dresser, table, or bed *lol*

all joking aside...whatever you decide do what's best for you.

posted by Lashundra | 10.07.04 03:27 PM


shun aint shit! lmao

posted by ~SunRay~ | 10.07.04 04:17 PM


You do what's best for YOU! This parenting shit is HELLA hard...especially doing it SOLO! Who gives a dam what others think about your personal choices! Do what is right for you and you only!

posted by Dee | 10.08.04 10:59 AM


Follow your heart and trust your decision.

Wishing you the best.

posted by Elle | 10.08.04 07:24 PM


Do whats right for you..

You've got my e-support, best wishes, and luv..

posted by Pam - Reddy | 10.08.04 10:09 PM


I know I'm all late n stuff and forgive me for saying so but you need some new friends! I don't care if I agree with a decision or not that type of thing demands a true friend to stand by you no matter what they believe to be right or wrong. If you ever decide to make a move I live in NC and I can show you how real friends are supposed to act!

posted by sunshine | 10.15.04 10:01 AM


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