I need a hug.Today was a crappy day. Well not really; I was just in a shitty mood. I'm not prepared to deal with these feelings. And I feel terrible. As if I don't have enough going on.

It's official: my last day at work is Feb. 1. I should have another job by then, right? Right. I'm really not feeling optomistic about this shit. My only contingency plan is to put this loan into forbearance and collect unemployment. Other than that, I don't know what else to do. I really want this transition to be smooth. The CIA process is finally over and done with. At least on my part. My file has been sent to the adjudicator and he or she has the final say so as to whether or not they can grant a security clearance for me. As a last ditch effort, I hope this works out.

My kids have decided they want to act a fool: my son not behaving in school, my daughter having issues with telling the truth. I'm so irritated right now. Why can't they just act right?

And Elmo....his niggardly ass overbooks today, giving another woman MY space that I reserved with him a week ago. I'm so not pleased. Nevermind I have no business trying to work out. How is he gonna reschedule with me when she's the one that left leaving that time slot vacant. He had the nerve, the audacity, the BALLS to ask me if I'm mad. Then he gon' try to lecture me bout doing cardio. I not so nicely asked him why he was still talking. And then he's gon parade his clients in and out...right in my face. How dare he. He's gon' catch it Saturday morning. I can't catch a break no matter where I turn.

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** BIG HUGS ** I'm sorry about everything that's going on. There will be a silver lining somewhere. I don't know if you saw my comment from your post on 10/6/04 but my offer stands firm! Take care girl!

posted by sunshine | 10.15.04 10:39 AM


{{{{{ hug }}}}}

hope this helps your girlie.

i dont' know why kids tend to wanna do their own thing especially when you're going through stuff yourself, i hope they will straighten out if not call me and i'll come get them and line 'em up with my daughter and spank their grown behinds :).

have a good weekend.

posted by Lashundra | 10.15.04 12:14 PM



Hope you feel better.

posted by Monkie | 10.15.04 06:40 PM


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