I just worked 30 hours in the last 2 days to keep the center open for the 1-866-OUR-VOTE hotline. A lot of good it did since the outcome of this election wasn't what many of us wanted. I'm contemplating my future as many of you are. (UPDATE: Called CIA yesterday and they told me I have another 4-6 months of processing. Dammit. A bitch'll be outta work by then.) Couchman, that nigga that used to live on my couch, gon' IM me with some straight bullshit.

Nuf Breeze: well we have a president
Nuf Breeze: I think this was the right choice
KiaSunRay: fuck his inbred ass
Nuf Breeze: yeah... but the other guy wasn't gonna be much better
KiaSunRay: glad you want to be oppressed for another 4 years
KiaSunRay: i don't even want to have this conversation
Nuf Breeze: ok

a bit later....

Nuf Breeze: Nah... alot of the senators that got voted in are of a different party
KiaSunRay: keep your air of optimism
KiaSunRay: i'm not feelin it and i already told you i don't want to have this conversation
Nuf Breeze: done

I swear for Jeefus this nigga done got my pressha all up. Fuck him and his Republican lovin ass. He should know he wasn't get no love from me on that bullshit.

This aint what I worked 30 some hours for. This hotline is nonpartisan, however, it's targeting states and groups of people that are likely to support democratic candidates. I do feel that my efforts were in vain, like a failure almost.

I feel uneasy about the next 4 years that lie ahead.

Oh yeah, this amused me.

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damn, who learned you how to spoke?


posted by straight up | 11.04.04 06:43 PM


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