Okay, so Batty Boy is chatting me up, finding out what I like to do. He wants to have dinner and I have no idea how to get out of it. I ask him where he wants to go and he's perplexed cause he thought we were gonna have dinner at my house. My.Damn.House. I don't think so, homeboy. He should be grateful I'm agreeing to meet his deaf ass. He's silent for a minute then asks me what I want to do afterward. Hm....I never mentioned an afterward. He then wants to know if I want some action. *GASP* Not only is this nigga deaf, but he trynna smash too! All in the same day! Initially, he asked me if I wanted some adult company tonite and I said no. What the fuck I look like lettin him in my damn house and we chatted for what, less than an hour today? Go head mang.

After I tell his ass iown get down like that, he signs off. Good riddance you deaf bastard.

Edit---Karsh aint shit. Na'an bit.

27.December.2004    06:22 PM     Commments: 15

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LMAO!!!! I guessed you worked out your own problem!!!

posted by Elle | 12.27.04 06:26 PM


LMAO! He wanted to tap out some Morse code on ya! *DEATH*

posted by karsh | 12.27.04 06:44 PM


LMAO @ Karsh!

posted by Carla | 12.27.04 07:07 PM


Why me? I aint done nothin that dastardly to deserve this shit mang.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 12.27.04 07:29 PM


ROFL...that ole Helen Keller mufucka was trying to cut...imagine the fuck out of that! Just goes to show even handicapped menz ain't shit. Ole Braille reading summumabitch!

...I still wanna know what that nigga sound like when he fucking, mane.

posted by Lisa | 12.27.04 07:31 PM


I'll bet $5 he sound like Chewbacca. Wookie Lub!

posted by karsh | 12.27.04 08:23 PM


I need to put a disclaimer under my profile: "no handicaps, please" I'm so going to hell for that.

To hell with his ole mute ass.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 12.27.04 08:40 PM



posted by ej | 12.27.04 09:30 PM


so does this mean he's NOT gay???

posted by feepee | 12.28.04 09:43 AM


and exactly how would he talk nasty to you while in the act of "doing it" .... *thinking* this has GOT to be the funniest shit next to Elle's Death by Embarrassment *death* where have you guys been all my life, lmao!!!!!!

posted by Tash | 12.28.04 12:53 PM


welp feepee, my guess is, Batty Boy aint so batty.

Tash--Maybe I'd have to read his lips to get the gist of his derrty talk. Forreal, a bitch aint got time for alla dat when she trynna get hers.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 12.28.04 01:09 PM


sunray you'd HAVE to do it with the lights on to read him lips. *snickers, this some funny sh!t*

lmao @ helen keller. everytime i think of that broad i'm thinking of that movie when she like "waaaaa waaaaaa!!!!!!" lol

posted by feepee | 12.28.04 02:31 PM


ROFLKSJDFSDJFKJDF @ Feepee Let me gone and pack yo bags to hell!

Hello, my name is Lisa and I came back here one mo' gin to laugh at Kia's misfortune. :D

posted by Lisa | 12.29.04 11:48 PM


Lisa is a doodie head.

posted by ~SunRay~ | 12.29.04 11:55 PM



posted by lashundra | 12.30.04 09:45 AM


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