I don't do the whole New Year's resolution thing, being that I think they're a colossal waste of time. The same prollems I had in 2k4 gon' carry over to 2k5. The changing of the tide really aint gon' make much of a difference. What I do find to be fun is that whole 101 in 1001 thing rather interesting. In case you haven't read about it (and you call yourself bloggers), the gist of 101 in 1001 is to make a list of 101 things you'd like to accomplish in 1001 days. Seems simple enough. I think this'll be a good way for me to accomplish some goals if I'm able to write them down and track my progress in a forum style outlet. I'm looking forward to it. I'm currently working on the list and it'll be posted once the migration to queensexy.net is complete. Well actually, the migration hasn't started yet, but that's just a minor detail, right?

After the October mishap, I decided I needed to regain my focus and get back on track with my goals. I went down to my school today to inquire bout my financial aid package and register for class. Usually I'll sign up for 3 classes, take 2 and pocket the refund. My finacial aid always covers me for 3 classes, full-time status. The Bush Administration, who shall be known as Propoganda and Bullshit, has yet again wreaked havoc in my life. Tuition increases and decreases in Federal Student Aid equal out of pocket expenses. I'm so not feeling it. Now that I can't take 4 classes per quarter, I won't get my degree in a year. I'm blowed and not in a good way. G-Dubs is royally fucking up my plans. I can only take two classes now; after this quarter, I'll be eligible for more money. After this quarter, my average should be high enough for me to qualify for some scholarship money. This aint a game. This quarter I'm taking logic and some boring microsoft course. I'm gonna pass both of them this time. Erm, the last time I took classes almost a year ago, me n logic aint get along so hot.

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DEAD @ "me n logic ain't get along so hot" Ohhh I could have some much fun with that one....

Well, I hope it comes togeather for you girl, I have faith that it will. Some people never know struggle in their live, not real struggle. Others are good friends with it and rise above it to only be stronger and wiser. I see you taking the wiser road

posted by Prime | 12.31.04 08:43 AM


" Let us walk softly, friend
For strange paths lie before us all untrod,
The New Year, spotless from the hand of God,
Is thine and mine, O friend.

Let us walk straightly, friend
Forget the crooked paths behind us now, Press on with steadier purpose on our brow,
To better deeds, O friend.

Let us walk kindly, friend;
We cannot tell how long this life shall last,
How soon these precious years be overpast;

Let Love walk with us, friend!

Happy New Year 2005 SunRay!

posted by Cheryl | 12.31.04 01:58 PM


prime bear--you always so smourt.

cheryl--thanks, i'm really diggin that!

posted by ~SunRay~ | 12.31.04 03:59 PM


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