~SunRay~ needs to be fucked desires male company, so she did the sensible thing and joined a dating site. Easy right? Yeah, fuck that.

Okay, so I made up a profile and posted a pic or two. Got a few hits. This one dude hits me up. Part of his handle is Sweet_Jamaican which concerns me. Um..aint that gay. (from this point oh, he shall be dubbed Batty Boy).

Batty Boy hits me up wanting to chat. Okay, cool. He tells me he's working on his Master's degree at Gallaudet Universtiy. Hmmmmm....That's the local deaf college. Some undeaf people attend, but it's really a place designed for the hearing impaired. He works there too.

I fret cause iown know how to ask this dude if he can hear, but I finally ask him if he needs to know sign language to work there. He let's me know he does and is very fluent in lipread.


How am I supposed to tell this deaf dude I prefer a nigga that can hear me? I have no fucking clue. Not hardly. How do I always end up in fucked up sitiations like this? In the meantime, I've blocked him cause I don't know what to say to him right now. What?! Don'tcha'll eein look at me like that.

Any suggestions. And be nice!

27.December.2004    12:22 PM     Commments: 4

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I wonder what he sounds like when he does the booty.

posted by Lisa | 12.27.04 12:33 PM


I know deaf people can feel the beats of music, but ask him what types of music he likes.

Awwwww, you blocked him! LOL Probably a good thing if he turns out to be a "IM pain".

Yet, chances are.....Batty Boy is hearing impaired!

posted by Carla | 12.27.04 01:38 PM


i feel bad for laughing! you called that man Batty Boy!! lol!!! Lisa i think the question is how does a gay, deaf man sound when he does the booty?

posted by feepee | 12.27.04 03:25 PM


I hate ya'll!

posted by ~SunRay~ | 12.27.04 05:32 PM


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