When I compiled the previous post, I knew there would be a coupla songs nobody would get. Yes I did that intentionally. I wanted to see how broad ya scope was. Big ups to all those who participated. Imma reveal the artists of the ones that were stumpers.


2. Chevelle, One Lonely Visitor. Good way to sum up a good aggressive rock cd.

4. Incubus, Agoraphobia. Good stuff.

8. Michel'le, Silly Love Song. How could ya'll forget Ms. Nicety? Scroll down and check out track 7.

12. Lil' Jon feat. Lil' Scrappy, FILA (Forever I Love Atlanta). This one slipped by my down souf crunk peoples. *note--the link for FILA is only for the soundbite.*

22.December.2004    12:30 AM     Commments: 3

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Still mad at you for the Incubus! I should KNOW that one man... *smh*

posted by Monkie | 12.22.04 12:27 PM


Damn, I gots no love for getting those two?

LOL..It's all good..loved the game though

oh damn, i guess the answers were up before I posted in here huh...LOL.

posted by cee | 12.22.04 03:58 PM


man I'm mad I got that number two one wrong ... i thought for sure I herd that on a Hoobastank song ... *searching for the cd*

posted by Tash | 12.23.04 09:06 AM


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