I saw this on her site, and thought it would be fun to try and some stuff. Basically you address 11 people in your life and tell them something that you might not otherwise say to their face. You don't name names. Here goes.....

1. Our friendship is special, very unorthodox. You keep me sane. I love you exactly as you are, including your bitchy demeanor. I've tried to emulate this bond with others but failed terribly. Eventhough we can't be together, I'm proud to have you as my soulmate. No matter what, I'll always have your back.

2. Very tentative we were, but developed a closeness that is acknowledged but never discussed. You have been patient with me and try to help me with my never ending problem. I enjoy being in your presence and respect your opinion. I'm conviced you and I are the same person. I was excited about what we could be, the potential within. Unfortunately, the feeling isn't reciprical. You bastard.

3. As a child, I was convinced you hated me. Resembling my father, I was a painful reminder of burden, abuse and death. I didn't understand your grieving and became distant. I resented you. I bucked; you bucked harder. Now that I have become a woman, I'm able to appeciate you. You taught me how to be a mother, a woman and a friend.

4. I used to watch you in the school yard but was hesitant to approach you. The girls loooooved them some you cause you were so cute, smart and well dressed. I was jealous of your girlfriends then, and to this day, I'll advise you to stay away from a bitch just cause I'm a hater and couldn't stand they way you were being treated. I was flummoxed to find out I was envied in high school cause of our friendship and was a barrier for other relationships you tried to established. Them hoes was threatened by me. I rawk for that.

5. This'll prolly be a friendship that will last a lifetime. We met in third grade because we were about to fight; you were dumb enough to think you could whoop me. Our friendship quickly developed cause we damn sure didn't want to get popped by the ruler and our teacher didn't play. Our struggles brought us closer together. I don't agree with all the choices you make but we'll be homies for ever. And you were the first chick ever to jiggle my boobies.

6. You are the dumbest cunt I've ever met and the fact that we share the same blood disgusts me on a regular basis. You're a user and could care less about the people around you who tried to help you and befriend you. You've shitted on your mother numerous times cause you feel like she owes you something, when in fact, she gave you what she could. You hate me cause I'm better than you. I think you should swallow a bottle of valium and have vodka as a chaser.

7. Krakka lovin nigger. I wish I could really be mad at you a whole lot but the fact is you're an asstard. You have no idea what you want out of a relationship and chase any blond hair, blue eyed tramp that'll look your way. They reject you. They always do. When they're done using you for whateverthefuck, you come running to me, as usual. I'd have to be lying dead and cold before you'd ever find out how deep my throat is. Keep fucking with me and I'll have you deported. Oh yeah, break me off with $500 for my couch.

8. You're precious. When you arrived I had no idea how to care for you. I was a confused child myself. Not wanting to appear ignorant, I read and studied to learn all about you. You're beautiful, a reflection of me. My look, my smile, and unfortunately, my attitude. You remind me why I work like a field nigga with one foot. I need nothing but want to give you everything.

9. We met not long ago and you were an instant addition to my life. You always feel unappreciated, but I appreciate you. I want nothing from you, but you. I can count on you to listen to me whine and advise me. I need to surround myself with more people like you who love me unconditionally. I wish I could take away all your pain and troubles; you don't deserve to feel any pain or strife. **NOTE: This one is actually about two people but for redundancy's sake, I combined it.**

10. You worry me. I'm concerned about your bitterness, it's almost hate. People like you, they really do. Don't push away those who have your best interests at heart. Allow yourself to love. We'll love you back.

11. I was a young, young girl when I met you. I had no business hanging out in the streets. Introduced by a mutual friend, we quickly became enamored. We did everything together. My mom didn't approve because of our age difference but it didn't matter to me. We were two loaners in search of the love with didn't have at home or within ourselves. I'm saddend by the man you've become; I had no idea you'd turn out to be such a slacker. I still clinging to the slim hope you'll come to your senses and behave as a man should. Our time has passed, however, you have other obligations you need to fulfill.

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That's goot reading! *wop*

posted by Lisa | 12.12.04 12:50 AM


I enjoyed this post. When time permits, I may have to do this too.

posted by MsThing | 12.14.04 02:37 PM


Woah now.. thats an interesting idea, and definately expressive.. I enjoyed it.. Peace

posted by Pam - Reddy | 12.16.04 12:44 AM


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