As promised, my 101 in 1001. I think this is much cooler than New Year's Resolutions. I have so many goals I want to reach and writing them all out helped me plan. It's also nice to have some encouragement. That's what you guys are for!

The Mission: Complete 101 preset tasks in a period of 1001 days.

The Criteria: Tasks must be specific (ie. no ambiguity in the wording) with a result that is either measurable or clearly defined. Tasks must also be realistic and stretching (ie. represent some amount of work on your part).

Completion Date: October 10, 2007

1. Read the Bible.
2. Fix the electrical problems in my house.
3. Fix the heating problem in my house.
4. Fix the plumbing problems in my house.
5. Set up separate bedrooms for the kids.
6. Set up a network in my house.
7. Get new furniture.
8. Decorate my bedroom.
9. Eliminate my credit card debt.
10. Reinforce good credit habits.
11. Raise my credit score to 650.
12. Purchase investment property.
13. Finish my undergrad degree.
14. Get a better job
15. Maintain a workout regimen.
16. Lose 100 pounds.
17. Develop a more ladylike wardrobe.
18. Date a white man.
19. Date a black man.
20. Learn to love.
21. Buy every cd on my cd list
22. Visit the World of Coca-Cola museum.
23. Cook dinner everyday for a month.
24. Take care of all necessary dental work.
25. Party in Vegas.
26. Learn to cut grass
27. Go bar hopping and get crazy drunk.
28. Take more pics of the kids.
29. Start a photo gallery
30. Take a professional development seminar.
31. Wear my hair in a style that is not braided.
32. Buy new eye glasses.
33. Learn to play the guitar.
34. Be more assertive.
35. Learn to play pool well.
36. Buy a new bed.
37. Wear make-up for a day.
38. Enroll my daughter in dance classes.
39. Enroll my son in sports.
40. Subscribe to a fitness magazine.
41. Find out why Elmo didn't respond to my crush.
42. Rearrange the living room.
43. Go to a Broadway play.
44. Take a drawing class.
45. Feed ducks.
46. Paddle boat across the Potomac River.
47. Be friendly to people I don't know.
48. Go 24 hours without using the computer.
49. Get a new cell phone.
50. Wear a g-string.
51. Have a cookout.
52. Improve my grammar.
53. Get an mp3 player to wear in the gym.
54. Wax my eyebrows every two weeks for 3 months.
55. Go to credit counseling.
56. Start a savings account.
57. Discuss my social anxiety with a psychologist/psychiatrist.
58. Dance on a bar.
59. Attend an adult toy party.
60. Buy a new stereo for my living room.
61. Join the Toastmasters (public speaking) Club at school.
62. Practice Photoshop tutorials.
63. Order a movie from the Play Boy channel.
64. Design a scrapbook.
65. Have bi-monthly outings with the kids.
66. Volunteer in the kids' classrooms.
67. Wear heels everyday for a week.
68. Win $2000 playing Blackjack.
69. Dust the ceiling fans.
70. Light a fire in the fireplace.
71. Buy a new diamond ring for mom.
72. Buy really big ghetto gold hoop earrings.
73. Wear pajamas in public.
74. Offer assistance to someone.
75. Get a massage.
76. Learn to swim.
77. Go sightseeing in my city.
78. Paint the living room, dining room and hallway.
79. Rake leaves.
80. Start a garden.
81. Eat vegetables everyday.
82. Take the kids on a vacation.
83. Wear a push up bra.
84. Trim my nose hair.
85. Consolidate email accounts.
86. Read to the kids every night I don't have to work.
87. Babysit for a friend.
88. Go to a swingers party.
89. Make my brother visit me.
90. Learn to accept my sisters.
91. Learn to use my security system.
92. Level the backyard.
93. Admit when I'm wrong.
94. Apologize when I'm wrong.
95. Be on time for work.
96. Talk to the kids without swearing.
97. Stop being judgmental.
98. Go to Italy.
99. Research a topic I'm passionate about.
100. Return phone calls of people I don't like to talk to.
101. Get a subscription to the local newspaper.

I've talked to a few people about doing a list like this. Some don't want to jump on the bandwagon. Others feel they don't have enough to fill up a list. Some think they don't have anything to put on a list at all. I find it hard to believe that no one has dreams and goals. Figure out what you want to do, make a plan and do it. It really is that simple.

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I'm feelin' this ((off to write a list))....

posted by Laniza | 01.13.05 08:39 AM


I am feeling the new web addy... Now the world knows what I already know... U are Queen Sexy...

posted by rocka | 01.13.05 07:48 PM


u know i usually lurk here. i think i've posted a comment maybe once or twice.

i like this idea. and although i may not have 101 things I do have goals. so i'll try to fill it up by Monday and post to my blog.

thanks! and look forward to hearing about your accomplishments!

posted by golden | 01.13.05 08:35 PM


I think everybody should try it. I had fun making it.

Golden--It's good you have some goals you wanna get out of the way, whether you have 101 or not. Make it happen, honey!

posted by Queen Sexy | 01.13.05 10:29 PM


good list queensexy and this is a good idea. i need to do at least 10 a month maybe, i'm on my way to jot mine down and post to the refrigerator tonight.

have a great weekend!

posted by lashundra | 01.14.05 10:31 AM


Encourage? I encourage you to give me some head. Shit.

posted by Lisa | 01.25.05 07:47 PM


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