It's Thursday and I feel like postin convo, cause, well I really aint got shit else to talk about. Enjoy!

KiaSunRay: aintchu gone yet
MizLise: gone where?
MizLise: where the hell am i going? damn
KiaSunRay: ionw know
KiaSunRay: to hell
MizLise: LMAO

MizLise: oh HELL no
MizLise: my sister claiming she gave me my batteries and charger back
MizLise: that heffa did NOT
KiaSunRay: ut oh....
MizLise: i need that shit vibrator eats up too many batteries to keep buying them
MizLise: she gonna buy me a new one
KiaSunRay: *death*
KiaSunRay: T
KiaSunRay: M
KiaSunRay: I
MizLise: shuddup

Ya'll know Lise a lil tetched.

20.January.2005    08:01 PM     Commments: 4

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tetched eh? well tetch on deez nuts!

posted by Lise | 01.21.05 12:11 PM


clearly the conversation about sellin' yo kids into slavery for the sake of the house will be featured next week, right?

posted by tionne | 01.21.05 05:59 PM


ROFL @ Tionne! Lemme lone!

posted by Queen Sexy | 01.21.05 11:03 PM


Since when does Lise have nuts? Am I that out of the loop?

Y'all stupid. But I guess you knew that?

Aye. Update this shit. It's been five days. Gotdamn blog moldering and whatnot. Vines crawling up the walls and shit. Gah!

posted by Lisa | 01.25.05 07:46 PM


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