At the end of October, Groovy, my co-worker went on maternity leave. Before she left, she hooked one of her homegirls up with her position while she's out. Okay. Fine. I'm so not feelin this chick. At.all. She got her man coming and going like he work their. Nevermind we're not supposed to give non-employees access to the office. I believe he's stayed with her all day, couped up in her lil office. Unprofessional. Today she was supposed to take notes for a meeting and had to go be found (by me of course)to meet the guest and get prepared for note taking. Ole girl aint on her job, which brings me to my question: "Why is she here?" I mean really, what's her purpose? Eventhough I'm not a professional writer, I know I could do the job better. That shit irks me to no end. If she knows the meeting starts at 10:30, why she still in an office sittin on her ass at 10:33? Ugh. I don't want that job, eventhough I can do it. I just don't want her to have it. Even if I did, I'm not sure how I'd leverage myself to get rid of ole girl and snag it for myself. Sounds like more brain power is need than I'm willing to expend.

If it were me with the same behaviors, I know I would be scrutinized. I'm watched enough as is for the petty shit I do. White privilage at it's finest. Hopefully I'll be moving on to something better soon.

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25.January.2005    08:18 PM    

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