I let the kids marinate on the fact that they momma aint a balla or food stamp queen, therefore, I can't replace food as quickly as they eat it. I decided to break their fast today and replinsh.

I like to walk to the store which is about a 20 minute walk from my house. It helps me clear my mind and keeps Elmo off my back about cardio. That's one naggin ass nigga. Anyway, I take in the sights of the hood: the bus stop, the KFC that was smellin right nice and the funeral home. I'll never forget this funeral home because it's the one where the service for my grandmother, my father's mother, was held.

Funeral ettiqute shole done changed. When I went to my grandma's funeral over the summer, my mother's mother, we had the average shit: flowers, preacher man, simple black limo...the blacks sure do it different now. Most people wore jeans, forget the black suit. This one hoe had on a mink (I'm convinced it was bear skin) coat and stilletos. What happened to class and respect? I also thought it was too damn cold for capri pants.

What did it for me with this group is the stretch white Exscursion they used for a limo. Oh, with chrome. This was the gaudiest thing I've ever seen in a funeral. "Lil' Man want his Momma doin it up in style!" Do it big or go home? I'd say, "Just go the fuck home and leave this coon ass shit alone."

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Jeefus luh me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so.

Or however that song go. Ya'll know I'm a certified heathen and can't be trusted to be accurate bout any bible/Godly stuff.

Yesterday I was pretty upset. I had to work at the candle store last nite, which has become a serious chore for me. I'm tired for working day and nite. My house is a wreck. Smells like one too. I go days at a time without seeing my kids. So, I quit. Called up the store manager today and gave her my notice.

Last nite I was stressed. While contemplating quitting the candle store, I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for all the repairs on the house, get a new dryer...I don't have the stamina to name all I have to do but you get the point. My mind began to shut down and drift off while I was bending that God dude's ear bout some stuff. What are you doing with me? Why do I have to live like this? When will this be over?

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Rocka and I had an interesting conversation regarding pubic hair which left me wondering: Why are men afraid to let go and shave that nonsense? I'm kind enough to tend the garden so an unsuspecting tongue won't get stuck in the bush. Do you guys have some sort of emotional bond with your pubes? Please enlighten me. I cram to understand. They don't do nothing but hold in heat and funk.

I expressed to him how I'm more willing to partake of the goods if they're cleanly shaven. Am I really asking too much? I certainly don't enjoy horfing up hairballs in between sessions. That's just not sexy. He also informed me that pubes also double as floss. I'm guessing they're good for plaque and fight tartar too. Yes? No?

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MES1967: posted
MES1967: oooohh C David commented (Salivates)
KiaSunRay: ooooh
KiaSunRay: *squirt*
MES1967: eeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeee
KiaSunRay: hush for i buss in your eye

KiaSunRay: *impatiently waiting*
KiaSunRay: c'mon primey
KiaSunRay: play wiff me
KiaSunRay: instead of your balls
KiaSunRay: i'm just as fun, promise
MES1967: *DEAD*

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