Jeefus luh me, this I know
For the Bible tells me so.

Or however that song go. Ya'll know I'm a certified heathen and can't be trusted to be accurate bout any bible/Godly stuff.

Yesterday I was pretty upset. I had to work at the candle store last nite, which has become a serious chore for me. I'm tired for working day and nite. My house is a wreck. Smells like one too. I go days at a time without seeing my kids. So, I quit. Called up the store manager today and gave her my notice.

Last nite I was stressed. While contemplating quitting the candle store, I was trying to figure out how I was going to pay for all the repairs on the house, get a new dryer...I don't have the stamina to name all I have to do but you get the point. My mind began to shut down and drift off while I was bending that God dude's ear bout some stuff. What are you doing with me? Why do I have to live like this? When will this be over?

This morning I'm sitting at my desk fumbling through some papers trying to look like I'm accomplishing something. My boss buzzes my phone and tells me, "I just received a call from the place you interviewed at yesterday morning. They're asking about you." I was excited that they had enough interest in me to inquire so soon. Just as I was hanging up the phone with my boss, I received a call from an unfamiliar voice. She reintroduced herself and I held my breath: "Ms. ~SunRay~, I'm from that lawfirm and want to extend an employment offer...." I could have fallen out my damn seat. For weeks I've been applying, taking tests, interviewing...and nothing. I walk into a top law firm one morning and come out with a job the next day.

Ain't nothing better. I think this deserves a new outfit.

**Edit: Don't for get to check out the updated 101 in 1001 site. /Edit**

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You betta werq!

posted by karsh | 02.17.05 04:17 PM


You deserver it sista! Now go get em!!!!

posted by Prime (AKA Mike) | 02.17.05 04:51 PM


KiaSunRay: elmo aint gon' be too happy when i tell him imma buy clothes instead of pay him
KiaSunRay: he'll be aiite
KiaSunRay: i wanna have something nice to wear to my new job
KiaSunRay: ooh i need to get my hair done and a brow wax
KiaSunRay: *checks calendar*
MES1967: you gonna get a bikini wax too
KiaSunRay: iown plan on gettin my pussy sucked the first day
KiaSunRay: gah
MES1967: shit, you nevah know.. one of them lawyas might wanna test out the new gal
KiaSunRay: eeeeeewww white men
KiaSunRay: iown think so
MES1967: "Hey SunRay, you want a little extra work? I'll make it profitable for you...."
MES1967: lol
KiaSunRay: lmao
KiaSunRay: grody
MES1967: what if it was some phoine packin bruvah
KiaSunRay: then he can make an appointment....while i run and shave
MES1967: * DEAD *

posted by Queen Sexy | 02.17.05 05:34 PM


lol @ the im convo... yall wild..

but ummmm congrats on the new gig.. Excellent.

posted by Pam - Reddy | 02.18.05 01:22 AM


if i can stop laughing long enough, i'll give you a hug! y'all killlin' me.

posted by ej | 02.18.05 05:52 AM


Congrats... now don't do anything stupid at this job like talking on IM all day

posted by rocka | 02.18.05 03:01 PM



posted by Lise | 02.20.05 02:00 AM


Congratulations! Go ahead and cop some new threads. You'll look good AND feel good on your first day. Besides, Elmo's invoice ain't going nowhere :).

posted by MsThing | 02.21.05 10:33 AM


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