Rocka and I had an interesting conversation regarding pubic hair which left me wondering: Why are men afraid to let go and shave that nonsense? I'm kind enough to tend the garden so an unsuspecting tongue won't get stuck in the bush. Do you guys have some sort of emotional bond with your pubes? Please enlighten me. I cram to understand. They don't do nothing but hold in heat and funk.

I expressed to him how I'm more willing to partake of the goods if they're cleanly shaven. Am I really asking too much? I certainly don't enjoy horfing up hairballs in between sessions. That's just not sexy. He also informed me that pubes also double as floss. I'm guessing they're good for plaque and fight tartar too. Yes? No?

I'm convinced there must be something about me that reminds these lil hood boys about they mommas. For real.

I'm sittin on the train mindin my gahdamn business. I hear somebody trynna catch my attention. I ignore it the first time. Maybe ole boy'll get the hint. Luck certainly wasn't on my side. He's more vocal this time wanting to know if I heard him. Of course I did, I just chose not to. He wants to know if he can play in my hair. Ummm....HAYLE TO THE NAWLyou bet not touch my hair. He might end up with a missing hand. He wants to sit next to me and I oblige. He's actually a sweet guy. Trynna raise a kid, get a decent job and a GED. G.E.D. He proudly showed me his brand new ID which has his age listed as 21. A fresh 21 being that his bday was last week. *sigh* Why do I end up with the young confused ones? Why I got to be the one to teach and guide? I need somebody that can teach me something. Maybe that's my prollem though; I always think I'm smarter than the next nigga. Why be humble? Shit, I AM smarter than the next nigga. What could this kid possibly have to offer me? Should I even bother to find out? Stay tuned....


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Damn... I am feeling this new layout of yours...

On the pubes... I don't like razors near my meat... to close for comfort... I think the hair adds, helps mask the

Your the first person to ever request a shaving...

posted by rocka | 02.08.05 09:54 AM


My cutbuddy used to shave. I must admit at first I thought it was a bit geigh, but damn if I didn't love gobbling on his sexy area. Shole did help that his protrusion was BIG. Rawrrrr...woo chile I will still do some things to that...ahem. But anyway.

I used to be hard on the younger niggas and stuff cause I'm an uppity bitch, but my bunny has changed my perception a bit. I think you just have to take it on a case by case basis. Some younger dudes are more mature than these confused ass 30 yr. olds runnin round here. Them the ones you need to be turning out. Oh and tape it? Kthx.

As for a lil half formed ass young nigga that clearly needs to be molded? I gotz to pass on that shawty. The younguns are cool to hang with, but damn trying to build something with the mufuckas.

Ascertain whether or not he's muffdiving with vim, vigor, skill, and ease. Then come back to my office and discuss the specifics. There we shall decide whether or not you should interact further with this individual.

posted by Lisa | 02.08.05 04:29 PM


This dude prolly don't know a damn thing bout eatin no pussy. Mayhap, I'll strategically place a PS2. Motivate him and whatnot.

posted by Queen Sexy | 02.08.05 04:37 PM


is that what they like now days? bald nutt sacks & grassless pipes?

posted by tionne | 02.08.05 04:37 PM


Easier to deep throat, my dear.

posted by Queen Sexy | 02.08.05 04:40 PM


Yah! (Iown deep throat though...strong gag reflex.)


posted by Lisa | 02.08.05 04:42 PM


KiaSunRay: i aint trynna cornrow a nigga's shit to get to the good part
KiaSunRay: hook dude up with some OG braids n shit
twnkee24: LMAOAOAOAO
KiaSunRay: lmbao
twnkee24: micros and shit
KiaSunRay: right?
twnkee24: nigga dreaded up like Bob M.
KiaSunRay: condition that shit

posted by Lisa aint got no gahdamn sense | 02.08.05 04:42 PM


KiaSunRay: and you late a fuck
KiaSunRay: i'm tombout my comments
MES1967: Im writin my post damit
MES1967: Its gonna have to be a two parter
KiaSunRay: damn
KiaSunRay: chu writin bout
KiaSunRay: shavin your balls?
MES1967: yes, since you don't like eatin dick hair
KiaSunRay: now considerate of you

posted by Prime (AKA Mike) needs to shave his balls | 02.08.05 04:46 PM


Oh, and the male skriippas shave they shit too. Can't have the dolla bills gettin lost in an overgrown bush.. not to mention it makes their meat look bigger while the shakin it around and stuf..

posted by Prime (AKA Mike) | 02.08.05 04:58 PM


lmao @ lisa. mayne, hairy nutts are not to come near my face. rocka, there is always nair. but that shit ain't nothing but a mild relaxer. so don't scratch ya nutts before applying. lol

posted by feepee | 02.09.05 02:00 AM


gag up on me anytime lisa.

posted by tionne | 02.09.05 09:52 AM


*dead* @ feepee. nair aint nuffin to mess with.

posted by Queen Sexy | 02.09.05 04:37 PM


Ughhhh @ afro on the balls.. a brutha could at least get the lil scissors and trim that joint down a lil bit.. I dont wanna bury my nose in sweaty afro ball funk while checking out the business..

posted by Pam - Reddy | 02.14.05 12:43 PM


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