"As a friend, I think I should tell you how I feel."

Life on my own terms. Anyone who knows me beyond blogging (or has viewed my tagline via Bloglines) is well aware I take that statement to heart. It's my time, my dime and nobody has to live with my decisions but me, right?

I rarely ask for advice. Not only am I the shit, I'm confident I know what's best for me. When my mind is too cluttered to formulate a subtantial conclusion, I'll then seek the help of a mind that's just as warped with a simialr thought process as my own with a proven record of good decisions.

With that being said, don't offer advice if I didn't ask you for it. You're doing nothing but wasting your breath and aggravating me in the process. How's that for killing two birds with one stone? Nothing irritates me more than unsolicited advice. If I felt like I needed help, I'd ask. Simple, right?

Back to ole girl. Apparently, she's sees things a lot different than I do. I find it gully of her to think that her opinion holds weight with anything I choose to do. Um...it don't. I remember when I asked my momma for advice a few years ago. Her response: "What are you asking me for? You're gonna do what you want do anyway. Hmm...one of the smartest things momma ever said, year-to-date. I agreed with her. I do what I want, how I want, when I get ready to. That's how I'm living. On my own terms. Nuff said.

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yes ~sunray~ you are the shyt girl and you don't need no advise.

have a good weekend!

posted by lashundra | 03.04.05 12:22 PM


stop mimicin' martha stewart's latest campaign and update damnit.

posted by tionne | 03.11.05 11:03 PM


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