KiaSunRay: i won a big rocka blog award
KiaSunRay: chea!
KiaSunRay: 2nd year in a row
KiaSunRay: would be great if dude could give me some dick
twnkee24: wheeeeeeeeeee
twnkee24: lollllll
KiaSunRay: lmao
KiaSunRay: i should post this
KiaSunRay: might make his testicles revert
twnkee24: *death*

Go check out the Big Rocka Blog Awards. Good stuff.

21.March.2005    12:09 AM     Commments: 6

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You always posting some A and B type conversation!

posted by Lisa | 03.21.05 12:37 AM


You know you aint shit for this post right? I mean dayum Kia! The BlACKS ain't nevah happy. The man gives you an award, and you wanna trade it in for some DICK? tsk tsk tsk..

I got Rocka's back (punn intended - tee hee hee) so don't try nuffin funny!

posted by Prime (AKA Mike) | 03.21.05 02:30 AM


It's gonna take more than an IM to make my testicles revert... Be careful though, you keep teasing me, I may have to sop by and punish you really good and hard...

posted by rocka | 03.21.05 10:16 AM


Rocka should pay me a visit when he come back to DC. I like being punished.

posted by Queen Sexy | 03.21.05 09:21 PM


can i watch kia? lol

hey kia when i read rocka's post today i was saying in my mind damn i wish he wanted some cootchie instead.

posted by lashundra | 03.23.05 03:49 PM


2 yrz in a row.. congratz... and it's well deserved.


posted by Pam - Reddy | 03.28.05 01:46 AM


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